The Naming Of Me (squeezed_melon) by Sue..

Started by squeezed_melon, 09-Jul-16, 09:11 AM

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Sue squeezed and squeezed saying "its like squeezing a melon!".  The name stuck ..


Hi Sue,
I love that 'melon squeeze' move of yours, it must feel great for you to have your victim so helpless with his face pressed tight into your smothering crotch. I bet you have a lot of fun using this hold, tell me, do you ever actually come as you squeeze your opponent's face hard into your pussy? That would be the ultimate thrill for me, to feel totally helpless and feel you (and taste you) coming in my face. This is now my new fantasy, thanks so much for posting those pics. I'd love to hear your views.


I think you've misunderstood. I am squeezed_melon ..

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