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Sessions in Montreal

Started by larrys1217, 03-Sep-16, 06:48 PM

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I would appreciate any suggestions for a MW session in Montreal. I would like to find someone who is strong, muscular and hopefully tall...although muscle is the most important criteria. Thanks



Stats: 195 pounds 5-10, biceps: 15.5 in, calves: 18 in, back: 24 in., born: 1979
Location:  Montreal
Specialties: posing, wrestling, arm wrestling, muscle worship
Additional Information
I'm a heavyweight FBB.  I'm also very very strong.  Here is a little bio of my sport I did.
37 years old. Bilingual. Well-rounded natural athlete.  Played team handball and rugby at the national level.  Currently train in bodybuilding.  Also enjoy taekwondo, volleyball, swimming, ultimate Frisbee, biking, rollerblading and more.  Personal trainer.

phodida    she lives in Montreal Canada visit site Google her she is the best



I've done many sessions in Montreal, often with body-rub girls and escorts, and some of them have been awesome! I will admit most don't know how to wrestle, but when it comes to facesitting, kicking or boxing, I've had many great sessions.

If any of you want any info, PM me.

Take care.

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