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Humiliation In Mixed Wrestling.

Started by Loki, 04-Sep-16, 12:30 AM

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Sometimes a girl goes beyond merely obtaining a victory, and decides to really humiliate her male opponent.  Here's a case in point, as the very sexy Tiger-Lily ( aka Jade ) uses a middle aged man's own trouser belt to thoroughly humiliate him.  There are 41 pics, so I have uploaded them to Mega.  Here's the link.!AscjTC7D!6wgnVZhRWcUtDy_xhpDgXw

I've also attached a few pics from the series.  It's my first post, so I hope I've done it right.


Thank you Loki, she is Gorgeous and I too would love to be in his position, being dominated then posed over like the last picture. Have a GREAT WEEKEND


Here are some pictures of the very sexy Nikki Thorn wrestling down a male opponent, beating him thoroughly and giving him a forced hand job to completion.


Thank you for sharing this Fabulous set Loki, WOW, she is Gorgeous and what a way to experience an orgasm that manner. Have a Great Day


Here's 10 pictures of the very sexy and capable Dia Zerva, fighting unashamedly naked against a clothed and outclassed Steve.  She appears to be totally enjoying the humiliation that she is subjecting him to, as she forces his submission in one of the most humiliating moves in mixed wrestling.  Wonderful stuff.


Thanks for sharing this set Loki, I just adore Dia, she is a Goddess. I have never seen these pictures before and Thanks so much for sharing them. Have a Great Evening

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