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Is seeing an escort for scissor sessions better?

Started by Judge DR3DD, 13-Sep-16, 07:50 AM

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Judge DR3DD

Than seeing a session wrestler? The more I think of it, the truer it seems.

1. Escorts can be ridiculously hot; models even, like the ones you see from ScissorVixens

2. On top of that, they usually charge a lot less for their time and are unlikely to charge extra for requesting scissoring instead of sex

3. You can get more intimate with an escort than you can a session wrestler, most escorts would scissor you naked and give you a handjob/hand relief too, whereas session wrestlers wouldn't

In fact, not only are escorts hotter, but session wrestlers don't seem to offer naked sessions or handjobs/blowjobs



I guess its just that they arent familiar with scissoring or wrestling you will have to teach it to them and they dont wont really be could at knowing limits and knockouts. You can of course teach this to them and its cheaper so i would go with the escort lol.


All depends on the escort. Some (but not a lot) now offer non competitive wrestling and scissor sessions. Just know I dont think many are "lifers" like many of the session girls who truly enjoy it and shows.

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