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Domination Divas

Started by bob.earl, 30-Nov-12, 09:38 PM

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New store open on clips4sale.  We will be showcasing not only known and popular Domination Divas but also new talent who want to prove they have what it takes to be a Domination Diva.  We will offer female vs female and female vs male videos.

Kristiana starts it off with our first video, then a trio of new girls pick up the challenge to become an Domination Diva.  Rayne, Tootie, and Baby Blake strut their stuff.

Kristiana in "Kristiana's Ring Beatdown"

New Domination Diva Rayne in "How Dare You"

New Domination Diva Tootie in "Tootie Wrestles Bob"

Rayne again in "Pissed Off Girlfriend"

New Domination Diva Baby Blake in "Martial Arts Beating"

Coming soon.

Domination Diva Jennifer Thomas and others.

Frequent updates so visit regularly at:


Our latest releases!  Come check us out.  We're shooting with Jennifer Thomas in January.  Have a special request, send me a PM here or email to

Wenona Beats Zeke

Wenona shows how mean she can be when she starts attacking a young 20yr victim by pounding on his belly and giving him some very tight headscissors.She literally laughs at his cries of pain and simply did not care when he submitted. She stuck her dirty feet in his face which he did not like at all. She also applied different chokes hat had him tapping. He did know what he was in for when he agreed to this. He probably won't want to work with Wenona again.

Smothered With Ball Abuse

Rayne attacks Bob once again but only this time she is wearing some rough tight sexy jean shorts that she uses as a weapon to smash his face and smother him. This must be very painful on Bob's face but if that's not enough torture she adds some ball busting abuse by dropping some hard slaps and punches to his balls. She added some constricting headscissors using her fitness muscular legs .She finally tires of him and makes him give underneath her being smothered into submission.


Female Guards Punishment

This is one of the last clips you will ever see of Dia Zerva unreleased since she has retired from the biz. Dia and Cheyenne are prison guards that have decided to punish a prisoner who they feel deserves their special brand of justice. They take turns punishing him with chokes,armbars and even some smothering. He is helpless in handcuffs until they release him but only to do double the damage on him. There is nothing he can do but endure their punishment.He does talk trash to them but it only gets worst for him. When they are done with him they simply put him to sleep via facesit smother.


Definately like those girls who dominate!



One of our most popular Domination Divas Rayne is at it again doing what she does best.

Rayne Beats Bob HD
Rayne takes on Bob using her arms,thighs and to hurt him.She pounds on him with Belly Punching,Ball Busting, and many kinds of Headscissors to make him submit.She was very ferocious with him and had no mercy for him and his cries of pain.She enjoyed dishing out the pain and she smiled about it every time she did.In the end she locks in a Fig 4 and squeezes until he is out.She then poses on him by sitting on his stomach with a hard bounce. 


Rayne has a real mean side to her


Quote from: desertgoodguy on 08-Jan-13, 09:08 AM
Rayne has a real mean side to her

Yes she does.  She really gets into the action and isn't afraid to mix it up, she's a part time personal trainer and is surprisingly strong.  She does some of the hardest facesitting I've ever had done to me and she thoroughly enjoys herself.  I'm not into hard-core ball busting but I was sore for a few days after that recent video.  Of course she's a real sweetie off the mats.  More Rayne to fall!

We're shooting this month with an indy pro wrestler out of Houston and Jennifer Thomas.


Looking forward to seeing info on those bouts


Latest Updates.  Come check them out.

Blake String Bikini Assault
This is Blake's most sexiest clip yet.She is almost naked as she wears a very skimpy string bikini and dominates dominates Victor with using her body.Headscissors and smothers were applied religiously and no mercy was shown.While being topless she facesat Vic and you can see her pussy lips stick of her bikini while he was being smothered into submission.At one point she slammed her ass hard on his face and nose that we thought he had a possible broken nose afterwards.He had no choice but to tap for air as she knew where to stop his air flow.Dont miss out on this clip of Baby Blake.

Tootie gets together with Kara and they teach Victor a lesson in respect.He insulted them by calling them ghetto bitches and thats one thing you dont say to these Divas.They attacked him with headscissors,grapevines,smothers,bodyscissors and armbars.He did not know what he was getting into until it was too late.They took turns punishing him as Tootie used Fig 4s and SGPs and Kara used Grapevines and Smothers to hurt him.He gets put to sleep in facesit smother and when they are done they pose while putting one foot on his chest to claim their victory.

Wrestling is Real HD
Claudia Del Solis, an indy pro wrestler out of Texas, gets approached by Bob Earl and he insults her by saying her profession is fake.A big mistake as she attacks him with various pro wrestling holds and a few jujitsu holds as well.That wasn't the only painful moves he had to go through.She also punched and kicked him in the balls along with some belly punches that had him serious pain.He did manage to get a out of her holds a few times and apply some of his own.In the end she did the most dominating and made him give into her.She puts him into unconsciousness with a devastating PILEDRIVER.


Quote from: desertgoodguy on 08-Jan-13, 04:49 PM
Looking forward to seeing info on those bouts

We will be releasing Rayne clips soon.  The shoot with Jennifer Thomas is postponed until Feb 2.

I'm still looking for a male "victim" who would like to appear in some of our videos.  Also, if you don't want to be in the video but are willing to run a video camera, shoot me a message here or email me at


New Release on Domination Divas!

Legendary session and video wrestler Kristie Etzold challenges Bob to prove she's a real Domination Diva.  Kristie wastes no time taking control, punching Bob in the belly and kneeing him in the balls forcing him into a corner of the ropes.  She works his abs and crotch with fists and feet totally overwhelming Bob until he's helpless to fight back.  Kristie follows with a barrage of punches, kicks and knees to his belly and balls until he sinks to the mat.  Kristie taunts him with "I'm the Boss!" and proves it with her feet and fists.  She claws and mangles his balls, followed by more kicks and punches.  Enjoying her complete domination of a male she laughs as she continues her destruction of Bob.  She beats him down to the mat, standing on his crotch and crushing his balls with her feet, at one point smashing his face with one foot and his balls with her other foot.  Kristie's grip is like steel and she uses a powerful claw hold to torture and crush Bob's balls.  After almost 16 minutes of brutalizing Bob, Kristie lays his back across her knee and grabs his crotch with both hands, twisting and mauling his cock and balls until he can't take anymore.  Kristie proves she's a brutal and vicious Domination Diva.


Look I've bought a lot of clips from stores in the past, but I refuse to buy clips from stores that fail to provide adequate previews of their videos. I've gone by the text many times in the past and been sorely disappointed. If you want people to believe what you're writing in the description, please, please provide at least some evidence your videos are what they say they are. I'm not wasting my money.


Quote from: submitme on 12-Mar-13, 08:02 AM
Look I've bought a lot of clips from stores in the past, but I refuse to buy clips from stores that fail to provide adequate previews of their videos. I've gone by the text many times in the past and been sorely disappointed. If you want people to believe what you're writing in the description, please, please provide at least some evidence your videos are what they say they are. I'm not wasting my money.

I agree with you.  I've had a lot of discussions with fans and producers about what's good and what's not good and the topic of reviews/previews frequently comes up.  The reaction I get is mixed, some think a good review/preview helps "sell" the video and others think it's the girl or girls who sell.

I've seen topics where fans describe their favorite girls and even what the like in a jobber/victim.  It spans the whole gamut, as does what fans like to see in a video.  It's hard to please everybody, and I guess it's good there are so many companies out there giving the fans a lot of choice.


Recent updates.  Come check us out.

I Can Beat Your Ass

Austin Lynn is back and she wants to train in MMA but her trainer thinks she can't handle it. She starts to grapple with him and in no time she begins to get the upper hand and even dominate him. How embarrassing he must have felt but there was nothing he could do about it. She locks in different chokes and locks but uses her deadly strong legs to choke him in Headscissors since her legs are very long. She finally makes him submit too much and she realizes that he can't teach her anything so she leaves him in pain on the floor.

Kristie Ballbusting Beatdown 2

This is a very painful clip to watch or to some maybe not. Kristie loves ballbusting Bob and as you will see she does it very well. She does everything from pound on them with her fists to kicks in the groin when he is tossed into the corner of the wrestling ring. When she was not busting his balls she squeezing his neck in scissors for added pain. This is a near 15 min clip of pure ballbusting torture that we are sure Bob won't forget.


Please check out the store we have had a lot of updates since May.  Here are a few.  More later.

Manhandled By Claudia
Bob insults Claudia Solis just for being a woman and she is a well known Pro Wrestler from Houston TX.

Jennifer Thomas Debut
Sexy and strong Jennifer Thomas wants to be a Domination Diva.  Bob Earl makes her the same challenge he makes the other girls. Beat me. Dominate me. And you can be a Domination Diva.

Sarah Jain Auditions
Sarah Jain proves she's a Domination Diva

Alexez auditions to become a Domination Diva.  The terms are simple.  Knock out and make Bob submit and the position is hers.

Contact me for discount at these stores.  Domination Divas, Fetish Adventures, Grappling Gals, Rough N Ready

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