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Chloe v Lucrecia

Started by Rockhead, 02-Nov-16, 07:47 AM

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I'm as much a fan of toned, hard-bodied girls as anyone, but it's fun on occasion to see some bigger women really going for it. This is brand new from TC Wrestling (I have no affiliation with them or any other company, just a fan).

Interesting to see that Chloe (in the blue) has things all her own way to start with, but then obviously starts getting tired (or hurt, maybe?). This allows her even heavier opponent to take control and work her over. You'd think it would be the other way round.


I agree with you Rockhead, she is Gorgeous and so POwerful. I love how she is totally destroying her opponent. Hope she does a Great Victory Pose at the end. Have a Great Weekend and THANK YOU


Glad you enjoyed these. They are a little 'different'. This one wasn't one-sided - I enjoyed how Chloe was winning to start with, and to be honest I thought she would just continue, but then her big opponent seems to have turned the tables. That Lucrecia looks pretty tough. She did the same thing to Inferno too (a much slimmer girl, but a good all round wrestler).

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