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Sabrina vs Scarlet for Italian Female Wrestling

Started by Rockhead, 07-Nov-16, 07:44 AM

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Hi - here are some promotional images for a brand new fight from Italian Female Wrestling.

Brunette Sabrina is just 20 and is seen here wrestling redhead Lady Scarlet, a woman in her early 30s. Despite being lighter, it looks like the youngster has the beating of her opponent, although it is competitive.


WOW, Thank you Rockhead for sharing these photos. I have to join that site, it looks Incredible and the Ladies are Fabulous. Have a Great Weekend


Glad to hear someone else likes this stuff. I'll post more like this when the time comes :)



These shots are great. Thanks for sharing


Quote from: coolearl57 on 02-Feb-18, 02:07 PM
These shots are great. Thanks for sharing
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