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Erotic Immobilization and Submission Wrestling

Started by BareHugger, 11-Nov-16, 05:39 AM

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Erotic Immobilization and Submission Wrestling
aka "Thigh-Locked Grind-and-Pin-Hug Wrestling"

by Mr. E. Barehugger

This is nude wrestling where the win won't be clear until the end, and where an initial sensual seduction may be key to draining an opponent's physical and erotic energy or even his or her will to fight! 

Typically the action has (but is not exclusive to) both wrestlers locked together in a mutual thigh scissors trying to get a superior position on each other using both a pin and a bear hug.  Where for instance a male contender might typically (but not always) have the superior upper body strength to a female opponent, she may overcome him by submitting him with thigh-to-crotch pressure fortified by her bear hug and pin, or simply tolerate his hug while maintaining a counter-hug that is awarded for its superior positioning even if it does not gain her a submission.

The erotic manipulation in this match is only optionally directly sexual in a penetrative or oral sense, and is more than a gimmick.  It is a wrestling weapon that is civil for its use of pleasure over pain to either increase or decrease either wrestler's energies - including erotic energies.  Thus the wrestlers may be referred to as "sex-wrestlers".  A common motto in this game is that the ultimate defeat that s sex-wrestler desires from an opponent is a gentle and even willing defeat that sees the dominated wrestler sensually overwhelmed or even sexually "melted".  Thus the fight and the defeat is merciful, while both wrestlers acknowledge the value of having each other in their experience, and look out for each others safety even as they are competing with each other.  In essence, wrestling holds and sex, or something like sex, replaces the strikes of a more brutal game.  A hip thrust to a sex-wrestler is thus what a punch is to a boxer, and as with other wrestling holds, it requires not just strength to be effective, but skill - such that the action may go back an forth even where physically the wrestlers might looked mismatched.

As one male sex-wrestler put it, "One fighting venue saw a rookie male sex-wrestler get literally fucked into unconsciousness by a more experienced yet much smaller female opponent.  They changed their policy to spare future rookie sex-wrestlers the same embarrassment - no longer allowing direct penetrative sex at least in that kind of situation."  Even with the thigh-to-crotch replacement of direct sex, erotic asphyxiation is possible.  This game does not dissuade against such odd pleasures but it does dissuade it from being taken to dangerous levels.  Again, safety must be first.  A referee is needed, and in practice without one, one must let go of a constricting hold on one's opponent on the suspicion, or even the fakery, of that opponent being knocked out - which is considered a form of submission.

The winner is the wrestler at the end of the match duration, possibly determined after video analysis, to either...

1) Have his or her opponent trapped in a pin of the shoulder blades, buttocks or belly to the mat without being counter-trapped by an double underhooks (i. e. arms-under-arms) bear hug, with these holds optionally combined with what is agreed upon to be other legal immobilization or submission holds*.

*(An example of such an other legal hold is one where an arm wraps around a chin or neck whereas air chokes are not allowed while other more brutal holds may be disallowed or allowed only for defence, or where nude erotic thigh-to-crotch grinding may be allowed but depending on the venue and wrestlers, not necessarily direct crotch-to-crotch grinding / sex).

2) Have his or her opponent trapped in the aforementioned double underhooks bear hug without being counter-trapped by the aforementioned pin, with these holds optionally combined with other legal immobilization or submission holds.

3) Be the last wrestler, if neither wrestler has achieved any of the above conditions, to have submitted the other using a legal immobilization or submission hold three times in a row without having been similarly submitted during that series.

4) Be the last wrestler, if neither wrestler has achieved any of the above conditions, to have submitted the other using a legal immobilization or submission hold (once) - with thigh-to-crotch grinding or, where it is allowed, direct crotch-to-crotch grinding / sex.

5) Be the last wrestler, if neither wrestler has achieved any of the above conditions, to have submitted the other using a legal immobilization or submission hold (once) - without thigh-to-crotch grinding or direct crotch-to-crotch grinding / sex

6) Be the last wrestler, if neither wrestler has achieved any of the above conditions, to have had his or her opponent trapped in either the pin without being counter-trapped by the double underhooks bear hug or the double underhooks bear hug without being counter-trapped by the pin - even if the opponent escaped either hold without submitting.

It may be obvious that gaining valid submissions at the start of the match might not be  as critical nor as easy as it might be towards the end, after which either wrestler might have been made more fatigued than the other - although likely both wrestler will need to sacrifice at least some of their energies to either win or try winning.  Some, if too sexually distracted, may release that tension in a sexual climax.  Depending on the situation and the wrestler, that release may either serve that wrestler, or weaken that wrestler enough to be more of a detriment. 

Further Fun Notes:

Instead of the very old style of wrestling that excluded anyone who was not male, modern wrestling has made many a female a star, and now with sex-wrestling we have a modern form of wrestling where wrestlers are allowed to use ALL of their assets and energies including sexual ones - making wrestlers such as female intersex wrestlers a welcome addition as well. 

Certainly as in a previous example given there is the potential for embarrassment in this sort of wrestling, and if truth be told, some sex-wrestlers look forward to humiliating their opponents.  In one example, a rookie intersex female wrestler challenged a much larger more seasoned male sex-wrestler who had, as he put it, "only sex-wrestled against vaginas".  The male sex-wrestler recalled that although he was not gay, he had seen video of the muscular female intersex rookie and found her to be "the pinnacle of attractiveness with muscles extending her natural feminine curves" - making it easy for him to arrive at the match in anticipation of her with what male sex-wrestler consider to be the proper "preparation" of sporting an erection.  However, when she disrobed, it was clear that her erect cock was larger than his.

Although this intersex female identified more simply as female, she seemed to embody a typically male aggressive libido that may have surpassed that of her opponent!  After managing to control him by bear hugging him under his arms leaving his head slung over her muscular boulder shoulders, she groaned only momentarily from his attempt to counter-hug her with a less well-placed bear hug, and then pinning him, she seemed to dominate him in a cock fight that left him trapped for a long time, and able to only respond, perhaps involuntarily, with an ejaculation. 

He seemed to have a chance to turn the tables on his opponent when it was apparent that she had ejaculated soon after and collapsed on him, and while he was able to reverse the pin, both cocks in the fight were now flaccid, and while he managed to pump out a few extra drops and try to power his own bear hug with the remaining erotic energy, it counted for nothing as the woman had maintained her counter of a double underhooks bear hug on him, and clearly derived pleasure rather than pain out of the sexual attack.  This was also a "handicap match" for the smaller rookie - needing only to withstand being submitted in a bear hug to win, while the man needed to submit her in the bear hug to win - already too depleted of energy early in the match to succeed.  Indeed, he could feel that her back was strong enough to tolerate even much stronger hugs than he was capable of now.  He conceded her victory early in the match.  Indeed, it might have been more humiliating for the man if she had managed to choke him unconscious during his last attempt at a sexual pin - although such action would have not been without pleasure for him as well.  One motto of sex-wrestling is that even the loser of a match can go away happy!

It has been said that "the human female is the sexual athlete of the species".  It is typical that a female sex-wrestler - as the proud owner of a vagina - can weather more orgasms and weaken less from any one than her male or intersex female opponent.  The wrestler equipped with a vagina lacks the male protruding weapon, but then this protrusion can typically be more an exploitable weakness than a weapon, so one must not overlook that this may be a strength she has over a larger physically stronger male sex-wrestling opponent that - ironically through unique wrestling rules that allows the male wrestler to enact his desires on her - more evens the playing field between both wrestlers.  Where direct crotch-to-crotch sex-wrestling IS allowed, and not necessarily just between a male and female wrestler, the genitalia by itself might be considered a wrestler, and no weaker than a stabbing male genitalia is the engulfing and constricting female genitalia!  Thus a sex-wrestler might not regard an opponent's muscles or skill as being his or her greatest asset, but that opponent's "power centre" that his his or her genitalia.

So here we have a duel of erotic energies and erotic manipulation.  Both wrestlers are free to let their genitalia stir and give them power, even at risk of it giving them weakness as well.  When both wrestlers have engaged in a mutual crotch-to-flesh action, they might feel oddly both power over each other and a sense of being trapped by each other in a prison of pleasure.  It is even traditional in some matches that both wrestlers start standing mutually thigh-to-crotch - showing their erotic intentions.  A sex-wrestling match might also seem to start out in a "gentle" way - with sensual massage and even apparent love-making or something approximating it being used in an attempt not so much to make an opponent submit from, say, kisses of both a gentle and aggressive nature, but to seduce the fight out of the opponent.


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