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Wrestling Girls Gone Wild

Started by Matey, 01-Dec-12, 01:37 PM

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Some guys like their favourite wrestlers to be real-life bad girls too, so this one's for them.

These (more or less) kick-ass fem fatales learned the hard way that you can't always wrestle your way out of (legal) trouble..

Sally McNeil

Bodybuilder, ex Marine, strong capable wrestler, she did many wrestling vids in the 90's.

After a long violent relationship with her bodybuilding husband whom she physically fought many times before, she finally shot him to death with a 12-gauge shotgun and was sentenced to 19 years to life in California prison where she is currently serving her ordeal.

What happened in her words:

One of many news stories:

even made the sporty criminals top list:


Wow, didn't know she ended up in jail.
I guess he shouldn't have pissed her off...


Clare Evans (Claire)

One of fans favourite from all the sassy British fetish/facesitting lasses, Claire got sentenced to 10month in prison for fraudulently claiming $100,000 in unemployment benefits while she was getting paid to make videos for our enjoyment. So if you ever bought her videos and also happen to live in the UK, you effectively paid her twice as she stole some of your hard earned tax money  :Pol:


This is good background info Marty. I'd heard about Sally, but not Clare.

Good topic   :k1:
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Kellie Callan (Kelly)

One of early GG stars Kelly apparently has a dark side to her whenever she gets a taste of good liquor.

Her arrestee record states BATTERY (DOMESTIC VIOLENCE) and the mug shot indicates she probably used her fighting skills to beat somebody up:

There are personal accounts on the net claiming that during her caregiver carreer she got drunk and abused both mentally and physically the disabled guy she was caring for:

I did not find any sentencing so take the info with a grain of salt as it's not an official document.


A bit disturbing, nevertheless!
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Zuzu Vargo (Cindy)

The mean sexy Cindy from infamous SheFigths site got arrested in April along with SheFigths owner for alleged aggravated abuse of disabled adult. Some of the website male jobbers were homeless and supposedly mentally challenged so the charges relate to that.

Not sure if she's still in jail, the bond was set at $100k. The date for criminal trial has not yet been set afaik. The civil trial is set for February 2013.

News articles:

Owner's take:



That is seriously disturbing. Glad I have no videos from Shefights.


I suppose by the nature of the genre, it can be a fine line where fantasy and reality blur. Many of these girls will have a naturally aggressive nature to begin with. Who's to say how many more have been, or still are, physically violent in their private lives?
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