Rubber dress catfight - place your bets :)

Started by Rockhead, 15-Nov-16, 04:05 PM

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An introductory pic from a catfight that took place some years ago. Pick your favourite, lol. 

Zoe on the left (purple/pink hair). Claire on the right.

I will post some more another day - if there's any interest...


Both Gorgeous but I place my bet on Zoe. Have a Great Day


Quote from: CAG00 on 22-Nov-16, 07:54 AM
Both Gorgeous but I place my bet on Zoe. Have a Great Day

Thanks for your interest, CAG00 :) I will spread these pics over two posts.

Zoe had done quite a few catfights previously. This was Claire's first such fight, but she was experienced in wrestling and judo. The first part of the fight was very painful for Claire. Once she realised what was required, though, Claire went for it, and put her greater skill to use. She gradually out fought and outlasted her opponent, eventually riding out a sweat-soaked Zoe to victory. Both women looked seriously angry in this. I've added some shots of the victor in various outfits/poses at the end of Part 2.


Great pics, both girls are gorgeous, what company did this match?

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