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Extra Money For Downloads

Started by marc34608, 14-Dec-16, 07:11 PM

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I know this isn't wrestling related but I figured some users may be interested in earning an extra 20 to 30 dollars a month for buying new videos. If you haven't heard of SwagBucks, it's a site that rewards you for completing surveys, watching videos, signing up for free & paid offers and playing games. You are rewarded with things called "SwagBucks" which in turn can be traded in for various gift cards but most importantly Visa and PayPal cards. The easiest way to earn and the way I use is by doing the surveys. You can get about 250-300 swagbucks an hour doing these and 100 SwagBucks is equivalent to 1 US dollar (500 SB for a $5 card, 1000 SB for a $10 card etc.). So, if you are are just vegging out in front of the TV or are bored at work, why not knock out a survey or two? So, like I said you can make 20-30 bucks a month and thats only doing 100 SB a day which would only take you about 20 minutes to get which is nothing, but if you go for about the whole hour and get 250-300 a day then we're talking around 75-90 bucks a month.

The site is 100% free to sign up and receive your gift cards

I hope I'm not violating any rules here. I just thought this site was to good to not share with my friends here.

Sign up with my referral link here to get a bonus when you get your first 300 SwagBucks.


Hi Marc, i dont normally post too much here these days but after reading this, for whatever reason, just wanted to say thanks for the heads up. i used to use SB a while ago but personally found it a bit of a chew. thats just me though. i hear the whole arguement about just doing it as and when and if that suits folks, then cool. i gave up on it after constantly being screened out of surveys etc and when using it i haf some big issues with firefox (again probably just me) so i stopped. never really thought about it in quite the same way you have put it here. meh. thanks for the post and the heads up. i had sort of forgotten all.about SB. may jave a revisit and have another look at it.

Cheers for planting the seed marc. nice one.

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