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Author Topic: Fort Boyard  (Read 3644 times)

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Fort Boyard
« on: 09-Jan-17, 04:05 PM »
One show that definitely deserves credit for sparking my interest in FemVSFem Wrestling was the french-turned-international game show: Fort Boyard.
The basic premise of the show was that a team of contestants would face a selection of different challenges in order to get keys to unlock the Fort's treasure room.
One of the challenges in the show was a Wrestling match in which one of the female contestants would enter an arena filled with mud and had to wrestle a strong wrestler to get the key.
Over the years this test produced a lot of memorable moments with a variety of different contestants and fights, some of them very close affairs, while others were mismatches which saw the candidate dominated by the wrestler.
The 2015 French season for instance saw the wrestler being played by a powerful muscular lady, who used her strength advantage to dominate her opponents (which included the 2002 Miss France, an actress and a TV Presenter).
A lot of these fights can be found on youtube and such, I would link some, but I'm new here and still not quite clear on whether I'm allowed to do that..
Anybody else a fan of this show? Willing to share some memories?