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Club q videos

Started by reversefan, 14-Feb-17, 04:57 PM

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Hello everyone,
I have many original Club-q discs (many recent ones) and intend to travel to Japan in the coming weeks to get more. If anyone is interested in buying ORIGINAL discs please let me know. I can repackage the DVDs/Blu-rays to be less conspicuous and offer a slight discount if buying more than one.

The biggest collection I have is Scissor Goddess series, but I do have many others as well, request for a list or state the ones that you are most interested, thanks.

I also have some originals from Sukaimix, request for more info if interested.


1st, welcome! Your first post is really promising.
Club Q stuff is always welcome here! 8)

2nd, will you share some of them here?

A lot have been posted on various blogs and here as well.
If you want, I can give you a list of the videos not posted yet. (+ the titles not overposted everywhere)
So you will avoid posting the same again.


I would be most interested in Club Q Video acquisitions :)
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