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Dead companies / Dead sites / Producers that have stopped producing

Started by garyw, 10-Mar-17, 02:24 PM

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Sorry, I didn't know what else to call this thread. And I'm also not entirely sure if this the right board for this, if not, I hereby apologize in advance.

I'm specifically interested to know what happened to Lusa and BlackFalcon/Flamingo and possibly if anyone knows if there is still a way to (legally) obtain their videos. BF/Flamingo still have some of their videos for sale on Clips4sale, as do Lusa. But I know for a fact that they had more videos available than what is currently available on those clip stores.

People are also invited to use this thread to search for other companies and their videos. Maybe we can help each other out.


Pretty interesting question. I know I was a big fan of some of Sabre Studios works and they apparently folded as well.


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