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Best new product announcement video I've seen

Started by Zeus, 03-Dec-12, 07:26 PM

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The music, the editing, the action shots, the beauty of life and nature.. what a great vid!
anytime I need a quick virtual escape from the daily grind, I watch it...

I used the Hero 2, predecessor to this new model.. it's quite a cool gadget. Jenna Prest0n uses it for her POV shots too.. very wide ranges of uses



I'd shit myself on that mountain bike track, though!  :o
Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!


That is an amazing camera.  At times, it almost seemed impossible that it would maintain a stable picture, especially during the mountain bike sequence.  Very impressive.  I wonder if the Hero2 (was that the previous version?) had the same capabilities?

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