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How real are M/F videos?

Started by BillS, 26-Mar-17, 09:10 PM

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I've been wondering about this increasingly, and would appreciate others' views.

There are so many videos where it's obvious that the man is just being a jobber, and pretending to be hurt, and pretending to be made to submit. My partner is very strong. I weigh about 240 pounds, and she can lift and carry me easily, but she and I know that if we were to wrestle, I would win very quickly (not that we'd ever wrestle competitively as I wouldn't want to hurt her - but I wish I could persuade her to do some friendly wrestling in fun, and would love it if she would learn how to get the upper hand, but that's another matter!).

What percentage would you say of the mixed wrestling videos are genuine, with the woman genuinely overpowering the man? Are there many women out there who can do what is portrayed in most of these videos, i.e. wrestle and win against men (and not just wimps!)?

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