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new match with my wife

Started by desertgoodguy, 02-Jun-17, 12:59 PM

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As many of you know, my wife and I have been wrestling for a number of years now, and in the past I posted accounts of our matches.

For several reasons, stopped posting them, but decided since our last match was so good, I would post it for you

This is not a story, but a true account of our match.

First, some background. She is mid 40's, quite a MILF, she runs, skis, bikes and jogs which mean she has strong "runner legs" and she know how to use them

She is 5'8 125 lbs

When we first started, it was the usual bed wrestling with her learning headscissors etc. but she has really progressed, and gotten into the asian style holds such as leg locks, figure fours etc.

She is cat like quick and does not like to lose. If she loses a fall, I am certain there will be hell to pay . She is also very frustrating insofar as she does not like to give up. Sometimes I just release a submission hold because I get concerned that I will hurt her

We wrestle a couple of times a month. we bought some mats a few years ago and set them in or sunroom off the bedroom

So after dinner this past Saturday, she wanted a match. I went out back to catch a quick smoke, and when I came back in she had the mats set up, and was wearing a black top and black pantyhose.

We started in our usual kneeling position.

She immediately dove low right at me, knocked me on my back, and applied a tight grapevine with her legs wrapped around my ankles/calves. She spread my legs apart bout as far as the could go and kept pushing them out. She then reached down and got me in a reverse headlock, and started pulling on my neck and pushing with her legs. It was very painful, and I could only last about a minute or so before I have up the first fall.

We started the second fall quickly, we grappled for a minute for position, and then she got behind me, put me in a tight full nelson and then wrapped her strong legs around my waist, and then moved them up so they were crushing the top part of my ribs. This was always one of her best holds.

She kept pushing down on my neck and snap thrusting her bodyscissors on my ribs. She was relentless. The she released the full nelson and turned it into a dragon sleeper, as she pulled me all the way back. She was really squeezing and pulling on the neck, Tough combination. I was almost ready to black out form the dragon sleeper, and started tapping. She held on to the hold for another 30 seconds or so before she released it.

She has a bit of a mean streak (dom) in her sometimes

I was already hurting, so we took a break for about 5 minutes.

I was determined that the next fall wold be a winner for me

After the break, we resumed the kneeling position, traded some holds then eventually I got her on her stomach, pulled her arms back and got her in a classic camel clutch. She hates that hold.

I was pulling her neck back as far as it could go, and she would still not give up. After a while I was afraid I would hurt her and just releaesed the hold

She kept complaining that she didnt give, but I told her that was enough.

Next fall we started in the standing position. I quickly reached down, grabbed her leg an then when she fell , grabbed her other leg, and tried to roll her over into a boston crab.

She kept squirming and straightening her legs so I could turn her over, but eventually I was able to and applied a real tight crab. It was to the point where I was literally bending her legs all the way back with my butt on her head. I kept yanking, and she eventually she gave up, and I could tell she was not happy.

Next fall started with her applying a tight armbar. She has my elbow tight in her crotch and kept raising it to apply more pressure on the elbow. She tired of that and switched the armbar into an armbar, side headscissors hold. Her legs are strong and she had my head in such a way that her thighs were wrapped around my neck and head, and she was squeezing with all her might, so hard that her legs were shaking while at the same time pulling on my arm

I tried not to quit, but after a while it was too much

She just smiled after she released the hold.

We decided the next fall would be the last one.

We started some holds, almost got her to give in an ankle lock, but then she again got behind me, applied a tight figure four headscissors and started to squeeze. She applied it like the Q club girls insofar she she raised herself up on one arm, and applies maximum pressure with her thighs on the neck and head area. She then started jerking my head back and forth applying more pressure until I could take it no more, and was afraid I was going to pass out

So I gave

Tough match with a tough woman

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