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Started by scissorlover636, 15-Jul-17, 07:51 PM

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Probably not the best first post but I've been sitting on this account for some time and I find myself in a predicament in which I need some veterans of mixed wrestling to assist me with.

Back in 2009ish I'd say, there was a video floating around on YouTube and Dailymotion (once YouTube kicked it off). The video was shot outside, at a set angle (shot from side view). The girl was scissoring the man, wearing black shorts, a black shirt and white heels. She was a blonde. Guy was on his back and the video was around 5 minutes long. It was called outdoorscissor I believe. Does anyone know what in the world I'm talking about, and if so could you point me towards the studio that shot it and the actual video name?


I remember the early days of youtube mixed wrestling, it's what that got me into the whole wrestling fetish. I recall a few outdoor wrestling videos from then but unfortunately not matching what you described. Do you remember the a general age of the participants or the language? Back in those days there were a lot of grapplinggirls and dww videos posted and since dww did a lot of their stuff outdoors it might be from them. The larger issue may be if the company that produced the video is even around anymore :/
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Sorry about the late reply! Honestly they were younger, I don't recall any company markings on the video at all but I knew it was professional because one of the top comments mentioned something about the guy paying the girl each time she made him.Rap out. The best thing I've really got is the outfit description and then the point of view. I feel like I've seen other videos of the girl though. Also, they didn't speak at all in the video.


Your best bet is google searching for those images and seeing if anything similar to what you described comes up.

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