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Rockin-Roxanne Acquires 7,000 Videos From FFVRC!

Started by Rockin-Roxanne, 11-Aug-17, 12:04 AM

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Rockin-Roxanne Specializes in rare and hard to find female wrestling, boxing and mixed videos.

Our website normally offers over 4600 Female Fighting Videos,  but now through August 30th we are offering nearly 7000 videos that we recently acquired from the now defunct Female Fighting Video Rental Club or FFVRC.

cor Those Of You Who Are Not Familiar With The Female Fighting Video Rental Club (AKA FFVRC), They Were in Business
Between 1984 Through The End of 2015 And had nearly 7000 Original Video Tapes Originally Sold By The Original Producers.
Their Business Model Was To Rent Out Female Fighting Videos Just Like The Old Blockbuster Video Stores.
It Was Simply a Brilliant Business Idea That No One Ever Competed With, but Sadly With Video Tape Becoming Something
Of a Dinosauar, They Decided To Close Down Their Website at The End of 2015 And Recently Sold Their Entire Inventory To Us.
We Actually Acquired Over 8000 VHS Tapes From FFVRC, With About 1000 Of Them Either Not Being Cataloged yet.

Stop by and check us out at


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