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Whatever happened to Stewie (Ronald_Frump)

Started by DR, 27-Aug-17, 10:31 PM

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Just wonder if anybody has heard from him. He disappeared all of a sudden, more than a year ago. I hoped he was going to emerge under a different name, but that does not seem to be the case. Really miss his contributions and his witty comments, and can only hope that he is well.


Funny. I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing???
Everything that DR said including the possible new name?
I miss him too. Great poster.. very witty and extremely helpful too.

Also,  just wondering about "Karobogy"??
He kinda disappeared suddenly too.. around a year ago..??
I hope they are both keeping well..?


I don't know about Karo, but Stewie is quite busy these days. At the beginning of the year he moved from NY to Washington DC. Now he lives in nice big house, painted in white.  :ROTFL:


Gosh! Has it really been over a year? I'm amazed! I've found time started flying once I'd turned the wrong side of 40. Perhaps it was because I threw the clock out of the window. (Ok, that was bad. I'll get my coat now!) I'd assumed that Stewie/Ronald Frump had decided just to post in the HQ section and that that was the reason why I wasn't seeing his posts any longer. His contributions and wit are missed.


Wondered myself, hope nothing bad happened to him.


Quote from: Zeus on 30-Aug-17, 02:10 PM
Wondered myself, hope nothing bad happened to him.

Yup, he was one of the strongest pillars of this site, and actually the one who introduced me to it, almost 5 years ago.

Like I said, I can only hope that he is well, and that we will see him again some day.


Still no word from Stewie?  I hope all is well with him.


According to his profile on another board, he was active three days ago.


Glad to hear he's alive, kicking and still doing the video thing.

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