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Where did all the Lora vids go on

Started by molitor1, 14-Sep-17, 05:06 AM

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Just recently, all of the videos for Lora on have been taken down.  They have completely removed her bio from their web site too.  Over at their page, The Lesley Fox Supremacy, all of the videos for Lora have been removed too.  This seems major!  Lora was there #1 girl for sales and frequency of videos produced in the last couple years.  Now, it's like she has been totally erased.  Does anyone know what happened?  Some sort of drama?  Is there anywhere where the Lora's videos can still be seen or bought?


She had heated words with the producers when she told them she was going it alone, and was starting her own company and demanded that all her media be removed from their sites.

I have no idea where you can download her media?

Hope this helps
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I figured some sort of drama happened.  Hopefully someday her work with that producer will become available again.  There are a lot of vids of Lora that I missed out on getting.  That is a big loss for them because she was by far their best talent, and I would think their #1 revenue driver.  Well, if she wants to become more independent, become her own producer or work with another outfit, she has the talent to succeed.  She is unique among a sea or ordinary.  Maybe she should consider possibilities of going stateside or Europe beyond the Russian sphere.  If she started making English-language vids, her popularity in the Mixed Fighting / Mixed Wrestling has the potential to explode.


I will explain the problem with Lora and Lesley, her videos were found posted in pornhub ,that did angry to Lora and another girls so than they left Lesley,also one Lora friend found the clips of Lesley in pornhub and when Lora knew about that she thought very bad about Lesley that's why her clips are gone for good from her site and clip4sale.

that's really shame i was really like lora and i actually have probably most of her clips but i missed the latest ones hope someday they her clips will show up again.



Hi! New videos with Lora and other actresses on our website.
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thanks, just bought your clip Lora strikes balls, you look gorgeous, loved it. can you do more?!?

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