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Personal Session Pics

Started by mikeywrestler, 01-Oct-17, 05:18 PM

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Hope this encourages others to post some pics of their sessions  ;D

Here's a mix of some of mine from recent sessions with Miss Kay O and Krusha



Quote from: mikeywrestler on 19-Jun-18, 05:05 PM
Here's a few more

OMG - having Lisa King sitting on your face is well YUMMY and you are one lucky SOB - but that lard arse fat one - how the hell did you get off on that.

If I got pissed and woke up next to that, I would jump clean out the window and legit.

The fact that you actually had a session with a 50 stone woman - well - a round of applause is required :o

May the force be with you always :-*
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Well I enjoyed it.  She was actually a lot of fun and a great session.


Mikey, you have great taste in Women, these pictures are Incredible. Must have been some fun and erotic at the same time. THANKS SO MUCH AND HAVE A GREAT DAY

Face sitting sub guy

I wish i had taken photos, but my best session that I've ever had was with Milah Romanov. I've been sessioning with her for 5 yrs now. She is amazing!!! I'm so stupid I'll have to ask for photos next time. She sends me pics before the session so i guess it just never thought to ask for in session pics.  :'( But here's a photo from her sessiongirls account, i'm so happy she FINALLY went online, I originally found her from a friend as she use to be by referral only so i'm so happy shes started to go online and make helps to see her in action online in-between sessions  :hrtrd: :hrtrd: :hrtrd:   


I'll are a few from one of my sessions


A few more. Hoping this forums gets hoppin'. Yeah, I took a good smothering!

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