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Can anyone here draw well?

Started by Zissou35, 09-Dec-12, 02:08 AM

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This is more of a discussion about f/m art, so if moderators think it's in the wrong place then move it I suppose. :)

How many here know how to draw? I have tried in the past to learn how to draw and also tried 3D animation. I guess I'm just not into it as much, thought it would be interesting to be able to draw/create what I'm thinking, including fetishes. I though you would have to have a certain level of involvement, yet I see a lot of drawings/illustrated stories on sites like lhart that shouldn't even see the light of day.
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I'm in the same boat. I studied Art and Graphics, technical drawing, but drawing free-hand I would really like to improve. I can sketch and draw objects and structures - cars, buildings, etc, quite well, but I can't capture people particularly well.

I would love to be able to draw as well as some of the folks that upload their work, but I have come to think that drawing is one of those things that comes out naturally in people. It's very hard to "learn" when you only intend to do it for a specific purpose. It has to be simply for the joy first and foremost.

It's like near enough everyone says they'd like to learn to play the guitar, etc... But very few can.


I draw. Self taught. Mostly anime/manga style. I have a few femdom pieces if you'd like to see them.

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I try as much I can. I draw using mobile phones drawing apps.


I'm pretty good. Throw a request up and I'll see what I can do!


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Pretty good art.  I'm always glad when someone shares their art.  I only wish I had that talent. Best I can do is stick figures.  Good luck on your work.


Love to get some more requests, maybe even an HQ status. Hit me up!

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