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Author Topic: Stuck for Cash – Mixed wrestling domination  (Read 8258 times)

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Stuck for Cash – Mixed wrestling domination
« on: 15-Dec-17, 12:37 PM »
Nicola smiled when she saw Darren walked into the university’s Student’s advice office. She was well aware of his situation as she had spoken at length with him on the phone but she was really pleased to see what he looked like. He was 19 years old, only about 5,5 and very slight, not skinny, but quite wimpy looking. He was your typical student - he had spent all of his money in the first 2 weeks and didn’t relish the task of explaining to his parents how inadequate he was at looking after his finances. Nevertheless, he had to somehow get through the first term. Of course, Nicola had looked into his requests for a grant and knew already that it wasn’t going to happen as he wasn’t eligible.
“What you need really is a job that pays well for a short amount of time. That should cover you for at least a term.” Nicola smiled at the young man. Darren agreed “That would be the best case scenario, but I don’t suppose I will get that lucky.” Nicola leant back in her chair and raised her pen to her mouth, “I might just know of such a job. However, it is not really the type of job you will find down the Job Centre.” Darren leaned forward in his chair, “ What sort of job is it?” Standing up, Nicola went over to her draw and removed a DVD  and passed it to Darren. Darren’s throat became dry as he looked down at the DVD cover. It depicted a topless pic of  a large-breasted woman striking a victory pose whilst resting one foot on a male sprawled out on the floor below her. In large bright red letters, it read; Fighting Ladies presents ‘Buxom Becky’. Darren’s face was visibly reddened and his throat became even drier. He felt a mixture of embarrassment and excitement as he lifted his eyes again to Nicola, “Do you have contacts at this company?” Nicola smirked back at him, “I actually own the company” Before Darren could say anything more, Nicola continued, “I will come to the point, we are looking for a male to fight one of our girls. We will do a 40 minute clip and you will get a one off payment of £500 but we get the profits from the film.”
The conversation went on for a while and Nicola used her skills of persuasion to convince a somewhat reluctant Darren. After a while, he finally, albeit apprehensively, agreed.
“Great stuff, let me just make a quick phone call and then we will pop next door.” Said  Nicola smiling as she reached for her mobile.

Nervously, Darren followed Nicola out of the main office and walked with her to a side building. Upon arriving she rang the bell. Shortly afterwards, Darren could see through the glass door, that a female figure coming to answer the door. Nicola greeted the woman as she opened the door, “Hi Sharon”. Once inside Nicola introduced Sharon to Darren. Darren looked sheepishly at Sharon and discreetly eyed her up and down. She was about 35, had a slim waist but broad hips and thick thighs. She stood at about 5,8 and had long straight brown hair. Introductions out of the way, Sharon lead the way into the offices and Darren could not help but notice her apple bottom and her thick thighs in her tight trousers as she walked. All three took a sit in the office and Nicola turned to Darren, “So the plan is that you will be taking on Sharon in a wrestling match.” Darren again looked awkwardly over at Sharon as she smiled in his direction. Nicola, keen to move things forward in case the apprehensive young student changed his mind, turned to him“ Ok Darren, I will show you where you can get  change and I will go and set up the camera gear.”

Darren stood on the mats in a windowless spacious room whilst Nicola made the final arrangements with the equipment. There was a small sink in the corner and a row of coat hooks on the far wall, leading Darren to think that it used to be some kind of changing room. He could feel the chill of the cold walls, coupled by his anxiousness as he waited for Sharon to arrive. Before he could think about it any further, Sharon entered the room wearing a robe. Ignoring Darren, she positioned herself next to him on the mat looking straight into the camera. Immediately, she undid the belt on the robe and let it drop to the floor, then turned to Darren. His mouth dropped as he looked her up and down. She was topless and displaying small be finely-shaped perky breast and erect nipples. Her slim waistline gave way to broad hips and skimpy leopard-print panties. As his eyes wandered downwards, he could see that she was wearing red lace-up boxing boots that reached just below her knee. Darren could feel a tingle in his groin as he starred at this incredibly erotic picture in front of him but feeling anxious at the same time, as he thought about Sharon’s thick powerful thighs!
Darren was still wondering how they were going to start, when Sharon pounced on him. She positioned herself behind him and wrapped her arms under his and interlocked her fingers around the back of Darren’s head. Darren was at this point engulfed with panic as her realized Sharon’s firm grip on him. “Hold him there a moment, Sharon” Said Nicola, wanting to capture the terrified  look on his face. After Nicola had got the shot, Darren could fell himself be slightly lifted from the floor as Sharon used her height to unbalance him. Still holding him in her grip, she swiftly swept his feet away, leaving Darren to fall unceremoniously to the ground onto his backside before releasing her hold. Darren’s relief was short-lived as Sharon step over him and promptly clamped her legs around his head.
 Darren could feel Sharon’s firm thighs pressing against the side of his head as she slowly squeezed her them together. She then reached down, grabbed a tuff of his hair and  wrenched his head back. Holding Darren in this position, she lifted one of her legs and tucked it firmly underneath his throat. Much to his horror, she then grabbed hold of the foot from her elevated leg and began to pull it up upwards. Darren became instantly short of breath and his face started to turn purple. He could feel himself becoming faint and his face was starting to tingle. Sharon then took a better hold on her foot and pulled it up even further and grinned. „What's the matter, can't you breathe?“
Nicola took advantage of the situation, swiftly removing the camera from the stand and rushing over to get a close-up of Darren’s painful expression.
Horrified at the thought of such a humiliating shot, he tried to release himself, but Sharon had him firmly in place and was using the wall to lean on as not to lose her balance. Darren managed to let out a few incoherent pleas before he finally blacked out.
He came to a few moments later to a sharp pain in his back and Sharon’s hands clamped tightly around his mouth with Nicola kneeing in front of him pointing the camera towards him. His arms were pulled back and trapped firmly between Sharon’s broad hips and powerful thighs as she squatted on the small on his back. Explaining to him that this move was known as a camel clutch, Sharon started to force his head back yelping with delight with every one of Darren’s cries - leaning forward every now and then and whispering torments in his ears as she subjected him to this punishment for a good five minutes, whilst Nicola took more close-ups of Darren’s pain-stricken face. Eventally, she released him from this humiliation and Darren slumped to the ground in sheer exhaustion. As he lay there flat on his stomach, Sharon wasted no time in taking advantage of his limp body. She turned around, took hold of his ankles and leaned back pulling Darren’s legs with her. He could sense her plump apple bottom only inches away from the back of his head as she leaned back as far as she could. It wasn't long before he started to get that feeling of dizziness again, Nicola and Sharon’s excited giggles echoing in his ears before his lights went out for a second time.

Darren looked up in horror, as Sharon stood over him looking down at him. He instinctively tried to scrabble away, not relishing being knocked out for a third time by this woman. Anticipating Darren’s actions, she immediately squatted down and placed her mound over his mouth. Looking down at him over her perk and erected breasts, Sharon smiled, “Ready for another knock out?“  Darren frantically made a concerted effort to free himself from underneath her, but Sharon had him firmly pinned down. After a while, having exhausted himself, he stopped struggling and resigned himself to muffled pleas as Sharon pressed down on his face.
Darren could feel the glow of the hot flesh from her thighs and the sensation of soft nylon and mound smothering his face. He had a mixture of sweat and womanhood in his nostrils and he could hear Sharon’s barely audible taunts from underneath her. Sharon squealed with delight as she looked down at Darren’s widened eyes and look of absolute terror on his face, the whole time, pleading with Nicola to get close-up of Darren’s humiliation.
Although, this was clearly Sharon’s favourite move, she reluctantly agree to Nicola’s request for the sake of the video production, “ You know how some of our customers like to see you scissor in your fights” argued Nicola.
Sharon lifted herself up slightly from Darren’s face, lifted his head up by his hair and tucked her leg under it forcing his head between her legs. Leaning over to one side, she quickly wrapped her thighs around his head. Pressing his mouth and nose firmly into her panties she giggled at his moans as she literally crushed his head with her incredibly strong thighs. Always willing to please her fans, Sharon applied scissor lock after scissor lock on Darren, subjecting him to reverse, side and head scissors, giggling with every time Darren whimpered, “I am going to make you squeal like a pig!” Grinned a delighted looking Sharon to the broken wreck trapped between her thunder thighs. After she subjected  Darren to several more minutes of punishment, Nicola interjected, “Ok, we are running out of time so let’s finish off with another knock out.” Darren’s heart sank and he was overcome with a feeling of total humiliation as Sharon said “ Sure, but I want to look into his eyes as his lights go out this time!” Releasing his head from a side head scissor lock, Sharon quickly positioned herself onto Darren’s chest. Having endured being crushed mercilessly for the last ten minutes, Darren offered little resistance. Sharon wrapped her legs under Darren’s head in a cross-legged position. Instantly, he could feel Sharon’s thighs pressing against his throat. For the third time, Darren could feel himself losing consciousness as Sharon beamed down at him with Nicola’s face behind the camera peering over her shoulder.
Darren came to with Sharon’s foot on his face and Nicola clicking away with her camera as Sharon struck a victory pose.
Two weeks later, Darren headed towards the halls of residence office clutching the parcel notification in his hand. Half knowing what it contained, he waited until he got back to his room to open it. Ripping open the packet, he pulled out the DVD – Fighting Ladies presents; Sharon destroys! Darren instantly recognized himself crushed between a thick pair of thighs!  Instantly his thoughts went back to his utter humiliation at the hands of Sharon. Although, at the time he had suffered, in hindsight, whenever he thought about it, it had left him feeling quite aroused.  As he was about to throw the packaging in the bin, he noticed that there was a note inside – Just a little souvenir. If you are interested, we have some more work for you. Would like to record a new clip with Becky (see back cover). Darren flipped the DVD over and felt groin stir as he view Becky’s huge breasts. Giving it a few moments thought, he pulled out his mobile, scroll down his contact list and stopped at the contact ‘Nicola’.

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Stuck for Cash – Mixed wrestling domination
« Reply #1 on: 18-Mar-18, 09:49 PM »
Great story! Pretty realistic too!

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Stuck for Cash – Mixed Wrestling Domination
« Reply #2 on: 19-Mar-18, 07:52 AM »
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Title: Struck For Cash
Author: By Wormseye
Content: Mixed Wrestling Domination
Duration: 12 Minutes
Type: Audio Story
Format: MP3


Created By Ownboss

I hope you enjoy it :-)
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Stuck for Cash – Mixed wrestling domination
« Reply #3 on: 09-Apr-18, 11:55 AM »
Great story...hope there is more to this amazing story  8)