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Stuck for Cash - The dangers of drugs

Started by Wormseye, 15-Dec-17, 02:47 PM

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The loud 'quack quack' sounded behind me made me jump. I rolled my eyes and thought to myself, Sharon really must change that text alert on her phone. It really is quite annoying. I could hear her tapping away to my rear as she replied to her message. A moment  later, the phone started to ring and Sharon answered it straight away. It must have been private because she immediately walked out into the corridor. I caught remnants of the conversation just before she entered the small office next door and closed the door behind her, 'Definitely, I could do with the cash, had a big bill.....'
As I was focusing on finishing off my work because I had to leave in few minutes later, I didn't notice Sharon coming back into the office until she passed me and went over to the office manager, Lena. 'Nicola has just called about a job. Are we alright to do it? Lena looked up from her screen and smiled at Sharon, 'oh yer. Hopefully she has a job like last time.' Sharon smirked back. I was aware of the conversation but I wasn't really listening to the detail. However, I did notice that Lena had now leant over towards Jody and was whispering something in her ear. Thinking nothing of it as it was a common occurrence working in an office full of females, I returned to my work. 'You off soon?' said Sharon. 'Yes, just finishing here then I am done.' I replied cheerfully. 'Ok' came the reply and she went back to her desk, picked up her phone and started to tap in another message.
About 5 minutes later I was ready. I packed my gear together, switch off the PC, said goodbye to the girls and headed along the short corridor to the main door. As I reached it, Nicola from the Student Advice centre was arriving accompanied by a short man and a woman. The woman didn't make eye contact with me but her eyes nervously darted around the corridor. The man didn't look at me either; in fact he looked a bit spaced out. I didn't think there were students but I knew Nicola also volunteered at the local job club, so maybe they were from there. I acknowledged Nicola and continued on my way. 'The agreed price, right.... Sound' was the last snippet of the conversation I heard between the woman and Nicola as I headed out of the door and their voices faded.
I had been driving for about 15 minutes when it hit me; shit, I left my USB stick in the computer! Realising I needed it for a presentation the next day, I reluctantly pulled onto the next side road, turned the car around and headed back to the office.
15 minutes later, I was pulling up in the main car park. Walking the short distance to the side door, I pulled at the handle. What's going on here, I thought as the door didn't give. Positive that I had seen Lena's and Jody's car in the car park, I tried it again. The lights in the corridor were still on so someone had to be there; normally the last person to leave had to switch off all lights. I did consider banging the door, but knowing it was too far away from the office for anyone to hear, I decided on plan B.
Having walked the whole length of the building, I passed through a narrow gate that led to the gardens at the back. The office looked out onto these gardens through a glass front. Of course the blinds would be down, but at least I could knock on the window. Upon reaching the garden, I made a bee line for the first window. As I peered through, my hand placed between my head and the window pane in order to eliminate the reflection, I could see Nicola talking to the rather nervous looking woman from earlier, 'Yer, sound, yer. Do want you want with him, yer. 500 quid, yer! like we agreed' Said the woman. At which Nicola handed her a bundle of notes. I was about to knock when something caught my eye that totally perplexed me. The short guy that I had seen with the woman, was stripped down to his boxer shorts and had donned boxing gloves. As I looked closer, I could also see that the girls from the office had moved the tables around leaving a large squared space in the middle of the room. What the... I wondered. At the same time, I noticed that everyone, including the man were looking at something just outside of my vision. Now totally confused but very curious, I moved to another window to get a better view. The blind was down on this window, but between the window frame and the blind there was just enough gap for me to see in. What I saw took my breath away and set my heart pounding. I just couldn't believe it. Sharon was stood opposite the man! I blinked and rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn't seeing things. She was standing there topless in only a pair of skimpy purple panties and she too had donned black boxing gloves. The penny now dropped and I felt a tingle in my groin. I had this thing about mixed wrestling and boxing and Sharon had often been the subject of my fantasies. She was about 5,8 and had shoulder-length hair. More importantly, although she was slim with small perky breasts, she had strong thick thighs and an ample butt. To be honest, most of my fantasies involved me having the life squeezed out of me between Sharon's mighty thighs! OMG this is really happening! I said to myself, my heart now throbbing in my throat. As difficult as it was to take my eyes off Sharon, something else caught my eye that sent a jolt of excitement through my entire body, They have cameras set up. They are going to film this!!! I could barely contain my arousal.
Sharon met the man in the middle of the make-shift ring and grinned as she squared up to him. She was clearly a head taller than him and to be honest the guy looked a totally wimp. He was quite unkempt and a bit skinny. He looked back at the woman he was with nervously, 'Don't worry, babe. This will keep us in gear for a while.' She called to him. At that point it dawned on me what was going on. She was quite clearly pimping this guy out as some kind of jobber to keep them both in drugs! I then made the presumption that Nicola was filming it and then selling the clips.
'We are good to go.' Called Nicola from behind the camera, as Sharon laid a jab, followed by a cross and finished with an upper cut that brought the man to his knees. Although I couldn't see them, I could hear Lena and Jody shrieking in delight at Sharon's efforts. The man was quite visibly shaken by this attack but still managed to get to his feet. Sharon didn't wait around though and kicked him so hard in the shin that he squealed with pain. Instantly the man went down onto one knee and nursed his leg. As quick as lightening, Sharon was on him. She grabbed his head and forced him back up to his feet whilst holding him firm in a headlock. Immediately she rammed her gloved fist into the man's face. An audible but muffled cry came from the man every time Sharon punched his unguarded face. Not wanting it to be over so quickly, she released him from her grip and allowed him to crumple onto the floor. As Sharon stood over him, he reached up with one glove in a feeble attempt to guard his face. To be honest, the way Sharon was punching this guy, one direct hit would have sent him to sleep. However instead, Sharon went over to Lena, who had now come into view. Sharon took a few gulps from the plastic water bottle Lena was holding up for before returning to the centre of the ring. Nicola frowned other at the woman, 'He's got to last at least another ten minutes or no deal.'
The man already looked shaky on his knees as he stood there facing Sharon again. Every time Sharon advanced he backed away. Soon he was against the tables that formed the ring. Sharon drew his guard with a jab, then smashed a right hook into the side of his face. The force of the punch sent him flying over the table and onto the floor behind. He lay there for a second dazed and batter. However the rest  bite was short lived as he felt two pairs of hands grabbing him. Lena and Jody promptly manhandled him to back to where Sharon stood; hands on hips. He instantly put up his guard as he saw Sharon take her stance. However, this time she didn't punch him; she stepped in closer and swiftly brought her knee up into his groin. Once again the man fell to his knees, wincing in pain. Wasting no time, Sharon stepped over his head and trapped it firmly between her thighs. She shuffled backwards a bit in order to force the man onto all fours. Now having the whole of his back as a target she proceeded, much to the delight of the other ladies, to pound his sides. Sharon let out a giggle as the man screamed out in pain with each blow. After several blows and for the sake of making the video last a bit longer, Sharon released her head scissors and the man just keeled over into a pile on the floor. Leaving him there, Sharon headed over to Lena again, who proceeded to towel down the sweat from her perk breasts.
The guy could barely stand now as Sharon resumed the punishment. Skillfully, she place herself in front of him with her back to him, reached around and grabbed his head. Going down on one knee, she threw him over her back. The man landed with a thud, the air in his body clearly expelling as he hit the ground. As Lena and Jody whooped with approval, Sharon flipped the guy onto his stomach. She quickly sat on the small of his back, reached forward and grabbed his chin. Immeditaely she drew back forcing his head with her. She placed her knees under his armpits and loosened her grip to allow him to rest on her knees. Knowing what was coming next, Nicola had dismounted the camera and was now squatting in front of them as Sharon firmly held the man in a camel clutch position. Sharon looked directly into the camera smiling as she punched the man's face. Nicola zoomed in on the man's distressed face as Sharon pounded him. His swollen eyes no starting to close. Jody and Lena grinned from ear to ear as they bent down in front of him, enjoying his totally humiliation. Naturally, it wasn't long before the man saw stars and his lights went out. Sharon removed her knees from under his armpits and the guy slumped to the floor like a bag of potatoes. In one last act of humiliation, she got up and place a foot on his head whilst she struck a victory pose, Nicola had joined her now and was looking over her shoulder, camera aimed down to the floor at Sharon's utterly battered opponent! At the same time, Sharon looked up and straight at me! I could tell by the look on her face that she had seen me! My heart pounding, I quickly beat a retreat and headed back around the building.
The next day, I arrived in the office early only to find that my appointments had been cancelled. I felt a mixture between shame because I had been caught peeping and arousal because of what I had witnessed the day before. I was really nervous because I was the first to arrive and I had to wait for the others to arrive to find out how they would react. One after another the ladies turned up. Much to my surprise that acted totally normal; as if nothing had happened. Maybe they hadn't seen me after all, I thought to myself. As the day went on, I the more convinced I was that they hadn't been seen. Although, I was relishing trawling the web that night to find out where to buy these clips. If Sharon was in more, then I was going to be their number one custom! Feeling much happier now, I went about my day.
Just after lunch time, I headed out to the photocopier in the corridor. Just as I was about to swipe my card, I could feel a presence next to me; looking round, I saw it was Nicola, 'Hi Nicola.' I said somewhat awkwardly, being caught off guard. 'Get a good view of the action yesterday? She said with a stern look on her face. Shit! My jaw dropped. I had been rumbled. 'Look Nicola, I am sor...' 'meet me around in the Student Advice centre in ten minutes' she interrupted and walked off without saying another word or waiting for my response.
Sitting opposite me, Nicola slid a DVD case over her desk in my direction. Sensing she wanted me to look at it, I picked it up. I felt a tingle in my pants when I looked at the photo on the front; It was of some guy, all red in the face and firmly trapped between a pair of powerful thighs. As I looked closer, I saw Sharon's grinning face looking directly at the camera as she choked the life out of this bloke. My mouth became dry and I quivered a bit in excitement at what I had just seen. 'Now you know what we do' replied Nicola all matter-of-fact. 'Obviously we would like to keep it quiet. So how can we compensate you for your silence, so to speak?' Continued Nicola. My heart was now in my throat and my chest was pounding; by now my mouth was totally dry at the thought of what I was about to say to Nicola, 'Wwwhat about a, err, me starring in, err, starring in one of your clips?' I spluttered out. A huge smile came across Nicola's face. 'I think we can arrange that. He's is  a link to our website; take a look around and see with which lady you want to make a clip with.' 'With Sharon!' I almost shouted unable to control my excitement. 'With Sharon, please.' I repeated in a calmer tone. Nicola smirked. 'Ok, I will have to run it by Sharon, first. I will get back to you.'
The next two days were torture. I hadn't heard anything from Nicola and I simply couldn't take my eyes of Sharon's legs and butt as she strolled around the office. I checked my phone literally ever two minutes; longing for a text from Nicola. It was pure mental torment. I had spent the last few nights watching clips of Sharon, wrestling, facesitting, boxing and scissoring male opponents and I wanted a piece of the action. Suddenly about 2pm I was released from my brewing frustration by Sharon's voice calling me over to her desk. I went over and stood next to her. She pointed to the screen with her finger but was directing me with her eyes to look down into her lap. With one hand she started to unzip her trousers, pulled them to one side and revealed the top of her leopard print panties. I stood there totally aroused as a bead of sweat dribbled down my forehead. I tried to play along and nervously pretended I agree with something on her screen. Naturally, my mouth was once again dry and I stuttered; it must of sounded so fake. A moment later, Sharon reached behind her and opened the small drawer on her desk. She once again guided my line of sight with her eyes. I looked down into the draw and quite literally started shaking with excitement as I spotted a pair of black boxing gloves. 'Looks like we are doing overtime tonight.' She smiled then winked at me.
Please let me know what you think of my characters and what you would like them to do!

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