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Stuck for Cash - ballbusting

Started by Wormseye, 15-Dec-17, 02:51 PM

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Tom could feel a bead of sweat dribble down his neck down his collar as he walked along, although it was April and quite a cool evening. This sweating and a general flustered feeling persisted as he approached the student advice office. The last time he was here he had been totally humiliated by a German exchange student called Adrianne – an experience that had, however, earned him £500. Furthermore, Nicola had been very pleased with the DVD sales as Adrianne had proven very popular with the company's core fans. Nevertheless, his nerves were justified as Nicola had suggested something a bit more extreme this time.
Naturally, he was totally skint again and had no real means of raking large sums of cash through conventional means. Tom had been in two minds when he read Nicola's email about a clip idea -  I mean, being demeaned in a wrestling match or knock out by a woman in a boxing match, was one thing, but getting ballbusted by three women was extreme, Tom thought to himself. However, as usual, he was in dire straits and Nicola had offered him double the going rate, £1000.
Tom paused as his finger floated just over the doorbell. His heart was now pounding out of his chest. He just wasn't sure what to expect and his nerves had been made worst by a text he had received whilst travelling on the bus to the campus that had left a lump in his throat, 'Hi Tom, Looking forward to kicking ur balls off. Luv Agatha ;-)'. Although still apprehensive, Tom gathered all his courage and rang the bell.
Nicola ushered Tom into the coffee area, where two other women were sitting around a low table sipping coffee. Both looked up and grinned. Tom could see they were both eyeing him up and down, checking out his 5ft 5 slight frame and then smiling back at each other. Tom had to look twice at the taller woman. He couldn't believe it! It was a lecturer he had had in the first year. She was a woman in her late 40s but had obviously looked after herself and had a great figure. She introduced herself as Jolante. The second woman was about 5'6 and had an average figure and wore glasses. Tom instantly recognized her as Agatha. She had starred in many of the companies productions, mainly doubling up with other women.
Nicola gestured for Tom to join the ladies, 'Let's get to know each other a bit.' Nicola loved to do this. She had already starting filming with her smart phone. She liked to capture the nervous expressions of the guys as they sweated in the presence of the women who were going to degrade them on film. As Tom looked both ladies up and down, he certainly become more and more uneasy.
Tom cut a weedy figure as he stood there in his y-fronts.His thin arms were raised above him with his hands tied together and hooked over a ceiling pipe in the large storeroom. Nicola went over the plan one more time with him, 'So three women are basically going to work over your balls. You need to last at least 15 minutes or else there is not enough material for a DVD.' Tom's mouth became dry as he realised that there was no turning back now. Nicola then set up the camera and disappeared out of the room. A few minutes later, although it seemed forever for Tom, he could hear the clipping of high heels walking down the corridor towards the room. Agatha was the first to appear. She was in her late 20s and had shoulder length hair She wore a black singlet that exposed her medium-sized but well-formed breasts and black knee-length high heeled boots. She smiled at Tom before she walked passed him to where the camera was situated. As she strolled slowly by, she gave Tom a view of her fantasic butt packed in tight lycra. Dispite what was impending, Tom could feel a twitch in his underpants. Next to enter was Jolante. All those hours spent staring at her body in lectures and the speculation as to what she would look like without her conservative lecturer attire on was now being revealed. Jolante also wore an open singlet and black knee-length boots. Her breast were magnificent! They were large but not huge, firm and perfectly rounded. As she too ambled past Tom, he could spy an incredibly formed arse and long, sleek and flawless legs. That twitch in Tom's groin had just got stronger! Just as Tom was wondering who the third woman was, he heard another set of footsteps sounding down the corridor. Much to his surprise, it was Nicola appeared in the door. Tom gasped as he saw Nicola's long legs encased in black stocking, her mound covered in black panties and her wide hips framed in a black suspender belt. As he viewed her 5'10 frame from bottom to top, he gasped again when he saw her lovely breasts as she reached around her back and unclipped her bra. She was at least a 34D and for a woman who just turn 50, they were totally firm. Tom's twitch had now become too much and he could feel his cock pushing against his pants. ' The third woman was supposed to be a friend of mine, Iris, but she couldn't make it. So I will stand in for her.' Said Nicola as she walked other to Tom and promptly gagged him with her bra.
Tom breathed heavily through the black silk bra, his nose filling with the traces of Nicola's perfume. She now stood directly behind him, her much taller body towering over his. Tom could feel her steady breath on his ear as his heart started to pound. Without warning, Nicola coiled her legs around his and sharply drew them apart. Before he knew what was happening, Agatha lunged towards him and brought up her booted foot right into Tom's groin. Tom let out an almighty muffled cry which left Agatha grinning from ear to ear and Jolante squealing with delight. 'She did say she was going to kick your balls off' Said Nicola softly as she stuff her tongue into his ear. Not waiting for Tom to recover from this first onslaught, Agatha took a step closer, laced her fingers around Tom's neck and swiftly brought her knee up into his privates. Again an almighty stifled cry! Followed by delighted giggles and squeals from the ladies! Tom now realised why they had gagged him. His terror was to continue as Nicola reached down and cupped his balls from behind and squeezed them hard, forcing Tom onto his tiptoes. With her other hand she reached upwards and unhooked him from the pipe. As soon as he was free, she swiftly thrust her knee into his groin. Tom's knees gave way through the sheer agony and he fell to his knees. In a flash, Nicola stepped over him and clamped her strong thighs around his neck, trapping his head it in place. Tom had no choice but to fall forward onto his hands. His eyes widened in terror as he saw the tops of Jolente's boots walk past and around the back of him.
Pow! Jolente kicked him so hard, he felt his knees lift off the ground. The pain was gut wrenching and the only thing from keeping him from collapsing was the fact that his head was firmly trapped between Nicola's thighs.
Tom started to panic again as he saw Agatha walking around the back of him. It was not long before both women were talking it in turns to literary kick his balls off. Jolante let out a shrill yelp of glee with every strike and Agatha groan with delight with every shriek of utter agony that came out of Tom's gagged mouth. After a while, Nicola realised her grip and Tom slumped unceremoniously to the floor. Tom gasped for breath as he lay there, his groin in total pain, hoping his ordeal would be over soon. Alas, Nicola had other plans and speedily flipped him over onto his back. Before Tom could react, she had raised his legs, split them apart and stomped her black leather boot into his balls!
Tom wringed in agony and tried to catch his breath, having been given some  rest bit from this punishment by the ladies as they decided what else to do to their victim. Recognizing that he was not going to last much longer and that they had enough for a clip, they hatched another devious plan.
All three women roughly dragged Tom up from the floor and raised his arms up to the pipe again so that Nicola could hook up his hands. Once again, Tom found himself dangling there in a vulnerable position at the total mercy of these trio of sadistic females. Nicola stood behind Tom, Agatha crouched down between his legs from behind him whilst Jolente slowly walked over to him. Fearing that he was in for another blasting, Tom tried to clamp his legs together. However, much to his delight, she got down on her knees and started to rub her magnificent breasts slowly and seductively against Tom's cock. Tom instantly became hard. Suddenly, he could feel Agatha's hands reach up from below him, grasp the tops of his y-fronts and pull them down. As soon as they were clear of his member, it sprung out. Wasting no time, Jolante placed it between her tits and started to bob up and down, smothering Tom's cock, only for the tip to appear again on each downward stroke. Tom quivered with ecstasy.
However, his pleasure was short lived as Nicola reached down and formed a ring with her fingers around the stem of Tom's testicles. Agatha, who was still positioned under him, wrapped her eager tongue around his sack and suck and licked his balls like a lolly. The whole time, Jolante continued to slide his cock between her fine breasts. Tom moaned profusely through his makeshift gag, feeling the pressure on is balls and just wanting to explode. With Nicola still cutting off the supply, however, he could do nothing but literary shake all over with anticipation. As Agatha and Jolante worked over his cock and balls, Nicola whispered teases in his ear, 'I bet you would love to cream Jolante's tits, wouldn't you.'
The three woman continued this torture for some more minutes before Nicola finally released her grip. The first bolt shot out into Jolente's grinning face and the second splattered over her breasts. Jolante gave out a high-pitched giggle and Tom's body slumped as he groaned his relief. Agatha came out from underneath him and smirked wide-eyed at the cream dripping from Jolante's erect nipple. Now hanging there drained of energy,Nicola fondled Tom's limp dick, squeezing the last drop of cum from his helmet.
As Tom sat on the bus on his way home, viewing his check for £1000, he could still feel the tingle in his groin as he recalled the pleasure and pain he had experienced that evening. Who knows what other work Nicola would have for him in future.

Please feel free to comment on this story. I would particularly like to hear about what you think about the characters.

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