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Stuck for Cash - Facesitting KO

Started by Wormseye, 15-Dec-17, 02:52 PM

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'Hi Sharon, this is Kev.' Said Nicola greeting her colleague as she came in. Sharon smiled at Kev and took a seat at the small seating area opposite him. Kev eyed Sharon discreetly as she and Nicola made small talk. He noticed her thick thighs in her tight grey cotton trousers as they pressed against the seat of the chair. She was wearing a tight white roll neck top that accentuated her small perky breasts. As she crossed her legs, Kev not only got a better view of her purple flat open shoes, but also the true thickness of her thighs.
'Have you done this sort of thing before? Asked Sharon, looking Kev in the eye with a smile on her face.
'Nnnoo,  I haven't' Replied Kev all of a sudden feeling uneasy.
Fact is, he had only just found out about it 30 minutes  ago. He had popped into the Student Advice centre as he was desperately short of cash and had hoped that he could find some employment sharpish.  Of course, he was taken back by Nicola's offer but it seemed like heaven sent considering his predicament. The £200 she said he could earn for this 20 min clip would pay for his share of the rent. She had also spoken about doing more clips or longer recordings in the future if everything went well. This could be a nice little earner, he thought to himself.
Nicola reached down to her side and pulled up a shoulder bag, which she placed on her lap. She fumbled around inside checking the contents. Pulling out a hand-held video recorder she turned to Sharon and Kev,
'Ok shall we!' as she got up.
Sharon got up first and led the way. It was now that Kev got a full glimpse of Sharon's ample backside. Although Nicola had briefed him to some extent, he didn't really know what to expect. Now somewhat apprehensive, he found himself gulping as he followed Sharon's fantastic behind with his eyes. Kev then realised that Nicola had been filming Sharon as she walked away and more disturbingly, his reaction!
They all exited the office, walked down a short corridor and then went into a large windowless storeroom with a heavy door. Once inside, Nicola closed the door and started to set the camera. Kev stood there nervously as Sharon stood opposite him eyeing him up and down with a grin.
'We are good to go, Sharon.' Said Nicola as she pointed the camera towards Kev.
Sharon immediately walked towards Kev and backed him against a shelf whilst looking directly at him,
'Get on your knees.' She said grinning.
Kev obeyed slowly, so Sharon helped him the rest of the way by pushing down on his shoulders. As soon as he was on his knees, Sharon moved in closer until Kev's face was touching Sharon's mound. She grabbed a tuff of his hair, forcing his head up towards her. Kev had the expression of a rabbit in headlights as Sharon brushed herself up against him, effectively trapping him in the corner. Naturally, this hadn't gone unnoticed by Nicola and she had already positioned herself to get a close up of Kev's tense look.
After a while, still holding his hair, Sharon turned around and Kev's world went dark as he was engulfed by her bubble butt. Suddenly, she let go of his hair and grabbed both of his hands instead. She forced them apart and shoved Kev's head back tighter against the wall with her ample arse. It was at this point that Kev realised that he was now completely trapped. After a minute of being smothered by Sharon's butt, Kev started to feel dizzy. He began to twitch and struggle, but Sharon held him firm. Another minute passed and Kev struggled more frantically. He now started to panic as Sharon kept him in this humiliating hold for a little bit longer. Just as he thought he was going to be knocked out, Sharon released him and he slumped to the floor gasping for breath.
Sharon now stood over him giggling as Nicola zoomed in on Kev's heaving body on the deck! Kev raised his hand in an attempt to hide his face and spluttered;
'That's enough, I can't do it anymore.'
Nicola's tone instantly turned stern 'Well, if you quit now, you won't see a penny.'
On the one hand,Kev was totally freaked out by what just happened. Sharon had just completely owned him. He had never felt so powerless! However, on the other hand, he was desperate for the cash and Nicola knew it.  Reluctantly he agreed to continue and nodded in confirmation.
Wasting no more time, Sharon ordered him to lie on the floor on his back. Kev started to feel even more apprehensive as he became aware of Sharon's thick thighs rest either side of his head. He felt quite hemmed in with his face only inches from Sharon's mound as she straddled him. She looked down at him grinning as she waited for Nicola to get in position with the camera.  Having already been taken to the edge once, Kev knew what to expect and became more and more anxious as each moment went by.
'and action!' said Nicola now kneeing in front of them both, looking down at Kev's rather nervous –looking face through the camera.
Without breaking eye contact, Sharon lifted herself up and positioned herself over Kev's head. She hovered there a while with a smirk of on her face.  Satisfied that her victim was fearful enough, she lowered herself onto Kev's face. Kev's eyes widened as he felt Sharon's full weight on his head. He felt the warmth of her mighty thighs and even smelled her womanhood through her cotton trousers.
Now firmly under Sharon, all Kev could hear was muffled sounds. Nicola said something, but he couldn't make it out. Suddenly Sharon started to gyrate her hips. After a few moments, she started to run her hands through her hair as she rubbed herself off. With each movement, Sharon press harder onto Kev's face with her mound and Kev really started to feel the pressure of his skull against the floor.
This continued for a while before Sharon suddenly eased up, leant back and hooked her hands underneath his knees. With one swift swoop and much to Kev's horror, she leant forward again taking his legs with her. Sharon had his legs trapped behind her back and was now grinning down at Kev's petrified expression as she held him almost vertically under her. Due to the angle at which Sharon was holding him and her mound firmly on his face, Kev very quickly he started seeing stars. As his lights went out, he got a last glimpse of Sharon's delighted looking face staring back at him.
Two weeks later........
Kev's muffled moans were barely audible as he struggled for breath between Becky and Anna's magnificent melons. Becky's giggling was almost sinister as she totally relished Kev's look of complete and utter humiliation through the hands of these two buxom women: his only solace that at least he had another month's rent!


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Brilliant, mate. Feel free to do the same with my other stories!

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