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Started by wrestling_pi, 27-Dec-17, 07:04 AM

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So I finally got Daz Studio, bunch of stuff with it - was always worried I couldn't do queue rendering where I let it run overnight and have it render scenes, but I figured out how to do it - and can finally ditch Poser Pro and get to the good stuff.

Anyway - for fun I'm going to post a blonde girl absolutely crushing her opponent - I'll leave the comments section for someone to describe how this fight started.




Some foot humiliation




Very nice!

I downloaded and installed Daz Studio quite some time ago, but never got the time to play with it. Definitely more familiar with Poser, which I used to make some renders, but haven't done any for several years.

Is Daz Studio compatible with Poser stuff, like characters, hairs, props, and so on? I used Victoria 3 character for my renders in Poser 7 (I think it was version 7).


I was hesitant to switch as well mainly because I have all the poses and with Poser I could use python scripting and queue rendering to do mass renders over night.  Well that can be done in Daz (in fact the scripting is far more powerful). 

I would no doubt encourage switching.  I find things in Daz Studio far easier once you learn them, and with the iRay rendering (using Nvidia), nice renders are easy.  I've had to rebuild the clothing area, but hair and stuff that worked on V4 will work with Gen 3 (which is what I'm using).

The clothing though - the stuff made for Gen 3 just fits super nice.  I mean when you mess with any of the morphs, the clothing fits perfect... and with poses that are a bit more "bendy", the clothing stays right now - it's a huge huge difference.

I'm working on rebuilding all the wrestling/catfight poses I have (some of that posted here).

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