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Q & A feat. Veve Lane

Started by Zeus, 11-Dec-12, 08:36 PM

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Diablo has been kind enough to invite Veve Lane to our forum. She is willing to take time to answer some of your questions you might have, so feel free to ask 'em in this thread and she will either come in here to talk to her fans or there'll be a video interview shot where she answers 'em..  :)


I have some questions myself, so here it goes..

I would like to know how you got started in the wrestling biz, Veve? What made you start shooting videos and Doom's Maiden, and where did the name come from?

What is your original background and education? You seem very intelligent and are one of session wrestlers capable of dishing out some original well versed smack talk on top of your physical game.

What did you think about wrestling guys for their money and pleasure in the beginning? Who do you actually prefer to wrestle, men or women, and why?

What is your current competitive record against other top female wrestlers? If you lost any matches and don't want to spoil the filmed matches outcomes, no need to say the names, but would be cool if you did..  ;D


Hi VeVe!

Thanks for taking time out to answer your fans.

  • Were you always getting into fights/wrestling whilst growing up?

  • I know you've taken part in physique competitions, but which came first, the gym/bodybuiding side, or the grappling?

  • Have you ever taken part in submission grappling tournaments and if so, how did you do?

  • Which other girls do you rate as challenging competition, that you haven't yet matched-up against? (Ina Black/Ola, maybe?)



Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!


Hey guys, VeVe is totally up for doing the video Q&A.  I'm actually filming with her and Keri (of Spectrum / Custom Requests) in about 10 minutes, so I will try to grab a few words from her for the forum.  She has a bit of cold this week, so she will likely be very brief if I can get some words from her tonight.  Keep the questions coming, and we'll rock out a fuller interview soon.


Hi, guys!

Wow.  I wanted to say thank you for taking such an interest.  I've been looking over the questions too, and thanks again for asking such good ones.'re delving into all my best session chat topics -- totally gonna ruin it for the guys who have yet to see me for a first session ;)

Diablo tells me he JUST put the quickie preview interview I did last night up on YouTube.  So actually, here's that:

And keep the questions coming -- I'll be back!

     - VeVe


Appreciate you replying, VeVe........

<R0x>   :k1:

VeVe's Post-filming Hello

Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!


Awesome to see you off the mats like this, Veve.. what a lovely person you are!

Thank you for talking with us this way - I really appreciate your 1st answer (I knew you were not only the muscle but the brains behind the Doom as well : ), and we all look forward to hear more from you!



hey veve, fantastic to have you doing this, very much appreciated - thanks from both me personally and on behalf of the forum!

I have a slightly left-field question for you - outside of our community i recognise that what we do is perceived as being strange (to say the least). has this at all affected you in terms of friends/family/relationships with people outside of the business - or do you simply not tell those people what you do?

I recognise that that may be an unusual question but I've always wondered on a session wrestlers perspective on this kind of thing. thanks :)


Veve I love your work especially your competitive bondage wrestling. Could you tell me how you got into that, and in a session how would a normal guy with average training fair against you.



We just filmed a short little Q & A video with VeVe this evening.  The video is processing now and will be posted when I get in to the studio tomorrow.


Here you go, folks.  A little Q & A with VeVe:


Sweet, my questions are getting answered first  :Clap:

Veve, don't forget to flex your guns when you're making a point, it makes it more true! lol

Thanks for continuing this Q&A series, and looking forward to hear you talk again!


thank you veve, thank you diablo! :D 


Will there be more Grapple Den events?  Any interesting stories from previous ones? 


Continuing on the Q&A theme, but with a more specific focus: talking about bondage wrestling.

Today I was pleased to introduce VeVe as a guest contributor for my Bondage Wrestling Blog, and she just made her first post there this evening:

She posts about how she got started in the rope-tie style, and she asks readers to write in with questions for her on bondage wrestling in general.

So, if you guys have any questions you'd like her to answer regarding bondage wrestling and the rope-tie genre, feel free to post them here, post them in the comments section of her blog post, or send them directly her way:

She's racked up a good bit of experience in the style over the past few years, so ask away!

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