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Author Topic: Mixed fighting/wrestling game in development!  (Read 1098 times)

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Mixed fighting/wrestling game in development!
« on: 10-Mar-18, 06:30 AM »
Hello, dear mixed wrestling/fighting fans!

I am developing a free 3d mixed fighting/wrestling game.
(there will be options to buy clothing with real money, I have to make money somehow)
However, this is the first time I am developing a game, so please have mercy on my skills, I am still practicing... :D

You can Download my first debug Build (Version 0.01) from my Patreon:

About Version 0.01

- customizable characters (female only, male assets are not ready yet..)
- 1vs1 combat
- a lot of bugs...

- mouse left          --->     attack
- mouse right        --->     grab
- space                 --->     block (or counter if timed correctly)

You cannot block grabs;
You can counter grabs (timed block);
You can block and counter all attacks.

IF you are grabbed or grab an opponent yourself, press repeatedly the left and right mouse button to get the upper hand.

IF you are knocked down, press repeatedly the left and right mouse button to get up.

​To Do for the next Build (Version 0.02):
​- Fix combat system (it`s way too awkward right now..)
​- Add male assets
​- Add option to choose a gender to fight with
​- Add physics to hair and clothing

How I invision the finished product
- Regular updates of new animations (victory poses etc.), submission moves, attacks and clothing
- Fluid transitions from free fighting and ground fighting
- Humiliation, teasing and other interactions between you and the opponent
- Online pvp fights with your custom character
- Whatever my Patreons will come up with...

At the moment there is only a standing sleeper hold submission.
I will be sure to regularly update new submission moves with entry finisher and escape animations. But first I need to get the core game mechanics to run stable.

Feel free to give me Feedback and your thoughts and ideas or questions about my game, I would be happy to answer.
I am looking forward to it ;)
I am CUPI, the developer of a fully animated mixed fighting/wrestling game!