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Session With Skylar Rene

Started by rhett54, 18-Apr-18, 09:53 PM

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I'm an older guy who daydreamed for years about having a professional session, but never did it – until now. In early April, I had my first pro session, and was lucky enough to have it with the person I consider to be the gold standard in this field – Skylar Rene! I sent her an email, and when a week passed with no reply I assumed she must not be available (or interested). Rather than give up, I sent a second email and soon received a very nice reply. She apologized for missing my first email, and said "I think we'd have a GREAT time!!!" So – it was on! Session details were worked out via email (her communications were great), but she gets a LOT of emails, so it's typically 3 or 4 days between your send and her reply.

As session time approached I was so nervous and excited – my heart was pounding out of my chest. She knocked on my hotel room door right on time, entered and gave me big hug, and we talked for a few minutes to confirm my session desires (and calm my nerves). If you've read other reviews, you know that everybody says Skylar is more beautiful in person. Well, everybody is right. There are subtle beauties in her up close real life face that aren't fully conveyed in photos and videos. I told her I wanted the basics – scissors, pins, smothering – and that I had no interest in extreme pain, cracked ribs, getting knocked out (although I may be ready for that next time), MMA-style submissions, ignoring taps, going beyond my limits, ball busting, etc. If you're into those things, you'll probably find this review little vanilla – but I do think she will happily give you a more extreme beat-down if that's what you want.

She then changed into exactly the outfit I had hoped for – the white Calvin Klein's from her "Thanks for Outfit" video (see it on her website). Spectacular! After a little posing and flexing, she pushed me onto the bed, straddled my waist, hooked my legs, and smashed those awesome tanned abs right into my face. This was not something I asked for – how did she know I would love it so much?! After that she trapped me, squeezed me, and made me submit to pretty much every type of hold I had imagined – front and reverse scissors; front and reverse figure 4s; body scissors; grapevines; schoolgirl and cross body pins (I was surprised at how inescapable those pins were); hand, breast, and ass smothers (110% perfect!). All of her holds were strong, but not full steam max pressure because I had told her that wasn't my thing. But – once she locked in a scissor she did this pulsing thing with her leg muscles, and when she did that it was always tap city for me!

Through it all she was a sweetie, even while handing me a full load of ass-kickings. For example, I asked for a body scissor (I'm kind of large around the middle) and she said, "I'll do it, but I may not be able to do it exactly right because, you know, my thighs are kind of big." Is that hilarious? No Skylar – your thighs are kind of PERFECT – it's my fat waist that's kind of big! When I worked up my nerve to ask for a hold that I thought might be questionable (face sitting comes to mind), she would matter-of-factly say, "Oh, I was going to do that." She he was TOTALLY about giving me the session experience I had dreamed of. Throughout the session, she verbally teased me, and I kidded her too (when I wasn't busy choking and grunting due to being squashed like a grape). We both had some laughs (mostly at my expense) – it was a blast!   ;D

I won't get into cost specifics, but yes, she requires a little more than the typical going rate. However, for a very few extra bucks I got exactly the session I wanted, with a world class beauty who is an absolute pleasure to be with. As far as I'm concerned, it was a bargain. When the session ended I thanked her for giving this old man the most OUTRAGEOUS experience of his life, and she seemed genuinely pleased to hear me say that.

If you have sessioned with Skylar, you know what I am talking about (and probably much more). If you haven't met her yet, you really should give it some serious thought!


That's a great review

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