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Janira Wolfe

Started by BobLaublaw11, 02-Jul-18, 03:04 PM

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Remembering my session with the stunning Janira Wolfe last November...

Premonition prelude

I've been so excited about sessioning with Janira Wolfe, and my fantasy came true today. Last night, I had a dream about her. We were in a large building somewhere, and she had a corner office. We had scheduled a session, but when the time came I couldn't find her for about 15 minutes. When we did meet up, she led me to a room and invited me to put my head between her legs. She wrapped her thighs around my neck, but I was disappointed that her grip wasn't very tight. I told her so and she laughed, saying she hadn't even started yet. At that point, I woke at 2 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep.

Dreams can come true

I timed my appearance perfectly at our scheduled session time this afternoon and knocked on the hotel room door with the number she'd given me. No response. After a few more minutes of knocks, I found a house phone and left her a message. I was concerned that she'd flaked, as a couple prior session girls had, but decided to hang at the hotel for awhile. I soon discovered her sitting at the bar. She said she had just sent me an email asking that I meet her there, but I hadn't checked mail since my departure from home. So, after about 15 minutes, I did indeed find her. She led me back upstairs to her room.

Janira is an awesome young woman. She is drop dead adorable, even more attractive in person. She's tall, slim and fit, her body smaller than I'd expected. I guess scissor videos do add ten pounds. It turns out I had actually walked past her in the hotel lobby before I initially went to her room. I thought she looked familiar, but a gaze at her body led me to think she was far too petite to be the famously powerful Janira Wolfe.

She's an absolute sweetheart. Smart and funny, caring and nice. But don't be fooled. She admits that she loves her work "beating up men."

She disrobed to reveal a blue bikini, and we sat on the bed to chat for awhile. Then she invited me to put my head between her legs. She said she always does exactly what I'd experienced in the dream, starting with a light grip with her thighs. And then...

Janira has a beautiful body, like that of a runner or a dancer. Her legs are deceptively gorgeous, long, soft and silky. But I soon learned they're potentially deadly.

She tightened her grip around my neck, and her thighs turned to rock hard muscles. She scissored me in a variety of positions and squeezed me intensely in each. I've been squeezed tightly before, but Janira adds a whole new level to the experience. When I thought she was applying full strength pressure, she would add layer after layer of inner thigh muscles, tightening even more. She is lithe and flexible and knows how to maneuver her body to apply even more discomfort. She had me struggling to breathe and literally quivering in every single scissor hold.

I've only tapped in one prior session, with Cypruss Allure. Janira complimented my stamina, telling me most men tap quickly and furiously, or they pass out. I did tap twice though, each time feeling panicky, tingly and light headed. She shared that she loves knocking men out, the ones who request it. And that she gets off on the power and domination in doing so, though she said she feels "motherly" as she watches her victims recover.

The happiest place on earth

The hour-plus (she was generous with her time and didn't clock-watch) was over much too quickly. I hugged her and left the room wobbly and with a sore neck but very pleased. I told her she was my "Disneyland" because the happiest place on earth is being trapped between her legs.

Guys, trust me, if you get a chance to session with her, I promise you'll love it. She recently did a first ScissorFoxes video with Jay Fox (multiple knockouts, she says), so be on the lookout for that release soon. And check out her work with ScissorVixens, on Clips4Sale, and on her own WorshipTheWolfe website.

Janira is the real deal. Gorgeous, sweet, python-strong and playfully evil. Sadly, she didn't accept my marriage proposal. I can't wait to see her again. You can find her at

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