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First fight for my mom

Started by stavrt, 28-Jul-18, 03:14 PM

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It was when I was fifteen years old.My mother and our neighbor were watching TV. Mom' name Olga,neighbor's name Alyona.On the TV showed female grapple.I was in my room and Alyona called me.
She asked me "Tell me, will I be able to defeat her in the women's wrestling? She says that she will defeat me. I do not agree and I want to fight with your mom.My mother was smaller than Alyona. Alyona had long and sexy  legs and she was bigger than my mom.I said that ", you really have a better chance of defeating my mother. Your legs are longer and you are bigger. This is your main advantage.
I told my mother, "Yes, she has more chances, but I believe in you.
I said, "Mom fight and destroy her.
My mother did not answer confidently, "And if she wins me? I do not want to lose to her.
I will feel proud, even if you lose to her.
Mom agreed
Before they started the fight, we discussed the rules. They wrote on paper the punishment for the loser. My mother wrote "kiss my feet." Alyona too.
As I thought, my mother has little chance of winning. Alena dominated and used  feet. My mother could not do anything.
Alyona made the capture with scissors. Mom has already practically surrendered
Alyona said "Well, who is stronger? Who will win? Who is the queen?
Mom answered "You" ...
Alyona continued to dominate my eyes over my mother. Mom asked me not to stick.
Mom got out of scissors and tried to attack.Alyona was stronger and stretched her feet to her mother's face. She held for about 20 seconds. Then my mother decided to give up.
She said: Well, I give up.You defeated me. I was wrong. You gave me a lesson in front of my son.
Alena laughed "YEEEES" I beat you. I was confident of victory over you. I easily won you. Now do the punishment kiss me feet. Now!
Mom froze "What?
Alyona say "Kiss my feet or your son kisses them"
Mom did not want to let this happen, and she had to kiss her feet.
Alyona told me: I defeated her as I told you. Now she will obediently kiss my feet.
This duel mom did not soon forget.
She was grateful to me.
Thank you for persuading me to fight her. I'm very upset that I lost to her. She dominated the whole duel. I deserve punishment. These are the rules, but the punishment is so humiliating. I hope you are proud of me.
Yes. I'm proud that you were not afraid to fight her.
Mom "I liked to fight and I want revenge!

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