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24 yr old fem

Started by emilyboomboom, 14-Sep-18, 10:47 AM

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Hello all, haven't been on here in a while.  Discovered this forum area.  24 year old female from Connecticut here.  Kind of just curious what guys like most about the sport.  I've been interested in fem fem competition for years, only have a few wrestling matches though. 


95% of what you see online is fake and as such, has been produced in order to make money. The 5% which is left falls into the category of competitive sports and is not fake. It's amazing how many punters out there actually believe the 95% is real and will rant and rave about the outcome of fake sessions or matches offered up to paying audience. However, most guys tend to enjoy watching it or actually wrestling with females as a lead up to sex or as a form of foreplay before sex. Everyone has a different view of what will turn their light on and off and as such, the reason why there are so many different types or variations of combat out there including catfights, beatdowns, pro wrestling, mixed, bikini, super hero's, mud, cream, topless, nude, the list is endless. If your a member of this forum then you have already discovered what if any makes you feel hot under the collar concerning this trant and as such, are simply seeking to feed the monster inside with visual stimulation from the instance you turn on your computer. It's been proven that a person can go without food, cigarettes, alcohol, or hygiene for a limited time but not sex. I could go into even more detail regarding our daily requirement for basic sexual release but I won't and finally, I will just say, that everyone's perspective towards fantasy combat is different, and its forums like this that help advertise and magnify our wants and as a result, bring us all together ;D
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I do agree most of it's fake like pretty much all of it but I don't blame the girls for getting scripted. Its their livelihood or a significant part of their income so a bad injury can have huge repercussions. Their safety is their #1 priority.



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