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Headscissor pics from Omar

Started by Omar Quince, 06-Oct-18, 04:54 PM

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Omar Quince

Adriana Headscissor Brunette

Omar Quince

Francesca Le Headscissor Her Opppent

Omar Quince 1998

Omar T Quince

Brunette Headscissor


Thank you Omar, these are great. Love seeing the anquished looked on the conquered girls face. What a turn on. Have a Great Day


That is one hold that truly hurts bad!  Nadege and Mystique do the honors here on two white girls "caught" really nice.  :)
Added two of Clara giving the scissor "treatment" to the older Susanne in the second fight they had.  Both were beauties and had Susanne near tears in both.  The other is Yasmin scoring another submission over Joanne with a harsh scissors with those strong legs.  Clara would switch ankles going from left to right and vice versa a lot keeping Sue's head between her strong thighs and in the one photo that is blurred somewhat she is drawing her legs up and down to "wring" her head to extract the submission from her.  Beautiful close up of it!

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