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Author Topic: Flipped and scissored out  (Read 1220 times)

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Flipped and scissored out
« on: 19-Apr-19, 09:34 AM »
A girl I've always like to watch compete, Renata, seems never to learn however when going up against black or mixed race women like the photos here where she takes on Monica.  Wearing a sexy black thong bottom one piece she is flipped into position by Monica wearing green for her to "work" on her after getting her in place.  The trouble with a thong bottom is caught in precarious holds will show quite a bit as here caught by the camera.  This was only seconds into the fight and Monica had a number of painful holds in store for the blonde German girl and you can see by her face she is not enjoying this at all.  Having the scissors along with holding the one arm she was near tears as you can see. 

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Flipped and scissored out
« Reply #1 on: 01-May-19, 11:31 AM »
Love seeing one girl dominate the other like this.Great pictures and Gorgeous Ladies. Thanks as always and have a GREAT DAY