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Female muscle comics from Amazonias

Started by Amazonias, 18-Nov-18, 08:42 AM

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Big Sister 11 is out now on Amazonias!

Caitlyn, the most amazingly sexy and massive female bodybuilder you've ever seen, continues to play her fiendish games with her brother Benny and his friend Eddie, who are both her roommates now.

Almost every page in this comic is NSFW, and the preview pics I'm showing are the most neutral ones!

In this issue, Caitlyn is crazy about comparing her height, the size of her muscles, and her strength with the boys'. She also makes Benny and Eddie do things to each other. She laughs at them as they can't reach her boobs and later plays another game with them: she won't punish the boy who can kiss her bicep first.

There's also lots of lifting, flexing, humiliating and dominating, squeezing and pulling... There's Caitlyn's incredible looks and boobs, her attitude... This is a comic you'll keep coming (back) to!

Again size erotica writer Joyce Julep wrote the text for this episode!

110 pages



Muscle Romance - Part 3 is out now on Amazonias!

"A few months have passed since Caroline and Ryan last saw each other," this comics begins.

Wait, what??

Why would Ryan wait a few *months* before seeing a fantastic musclegirl like Caroline again? Is he crazy?

He's not. He's just still... verrrry intimidated by the big female bodybuilder (though a muscle-woke reader knows that the real reason, of course, is that this gives Caroline some time to grow more ;-)

In any case, Caroline becomes impatient, and Ryan is easily convinced to go through the next steps of their budding relationship when Caroline sends him a BIG selfie. We follow the odd couple from the coffee ship to Caroline's room...

This third part in the Muscle Romance series has been a long time coming. So long, in fact, that Kycolv08, its creator, has updated his style in the meantime. Most things though, have remained the same: a huuuuge girl, a cute small guy, a lot of lifting, kissing, flexing, intimidating, and much more.

This series will be closed with a fourth and final epsiode.

78 pages



A Forced Affair - Part 2 is out now on Amazonias!

While Stephen is at home, waiting for his big female bodybuilder colleague Mona to show up, he thinks of his childhood and how he got hooked on tall girls. Relationships with tall girls never panned out, and Stephen ended up with Rachel, whom he loves dearly but.... well... she's small.

When Mona arrives she takes care of Rachel (trigger warning: she puts her out), and then of Stephen. Flaunting her muscles and her massiveness, she quickly gets him yearning for her, and they both know there is no turning back. The next day, at work, Mona continues to play games with Steven, also involving her little bitch Angela.

For Steven it quickly becomes clear that things have just gotten started...

Part two of this superhot series features the incredibly muscular and massive Mona lifting and dominating Steven in all possible ways, flexing and comparisons, an aerial blow job, girl-on-girl juiciness, a young big girl/little guy romantic scene, and much more!

115 pages



Muscle Crush - Part 5 is out now on Amazonias!

Mr. Gaber wakes up next to a huge, muscular back and it's only very slowly that his memories of what happened before come back...

He is taken to their basement gym by the muscular young girls Barb and Skye. Skye challenges Mr. Gaber to several strength contests. After she convincingly wins at push-ups, she lifts, overpowers and outmuscles the small man in all possible ways. There's some awe-inspiring scissors by her big legs, a game of mercy at the end of which she just lifts him by his hands, failed squats, and much more.

But then, the girls' mother walks in, and yes, she's got muscles too. A strict red-head beauty, Mrs. Martin picks Gaber up and takes him to the kitchen, where she'll have her way with the poor guy!

This episode contains beautiful lifts, feats of strengths, flexing, domination, humiliation, aerial blow jobs, amazing comparisons, and lots more of Lecter38's awesome posework!

108 pages



Muscle Romance - Part 4 is out now on Amazonias!

In the final part of this series, Ryan and his flame, the huge female bodybuilder Caroline, finally get to it. There's some more foreplay first, but you won't mind: Caroline bends a steel weighted bar right in front of the small boy's eyes, after which he's briefly in heaven being hugged by her.

The duo then moves to the bedroom, where the musclegirl easily picks up little Ryan and kisses him passionately, before dropping him on the bed. Caroline proceeds by taking off her clothes and then she's all Ryan's to worship to his heart's content! The little man feels up her incredible biceps and humongous thighs. And then the musclegirl hasn't even gotten on top of him!

This comic is full of NSFW action and features beautiful comparisons, Caroline's incredible body - mostly without clothes - incredibly sexy poses, worshipping, lifting, feats of strength, and much more. Ryan gets the happy ending he's always dreamed of!

76 pages



Big Sister 12 is out now on Amazonias!

Big musclegoddess Caitlyn has a surprise in store for her little brother Benny and his friend Eddie: they're going to have a fun weekend in a luxury hotel. Or at least, that's what the boys *think* is going to happen. Because once they are there, Benny and Eddie discover video recording equipment in the giantess' luggage.

Caitlyn explains what she has in mind. That the boys don't like the plan is of no importance whatsoever. The big female bodybuilder tells the boys to undress and get the equipment ready. Then she towers over them and gives Eddie a special little something.

What follows is stuff that's not suitable for work but that is extremely suitable to satisfy your tastes, dear reader. You'll be going crazy for Caitlyn's beauty, her deviousness, her domination, and her muscles.

This comic contains incredible comparisons, amazingly creative lifts, domination and humiliation, hand-jobs, lapsitting, and so much more!

Once more size erotica writer Joyce Julep wrote the text for this episode!

122 pages



Twice Your Size - Part 13 is out now on Amazonias!

The final part of this series has finally arrived...

In a smotheringly hot scene, which continues the NSFW scene from chapter 12, we see Stella lift her two guys and tell them to satisfy her while they are both on her shoulders. After that, they have a conversation about their "threesome situation".

We see Stella be kind to Remy and dominate Tino, we see Remy with Cindy and Tino with Cindy, we see sexy threesomes and an amazing foursome. There's one more confrontation with Remy's dad. Kendra, dad's sexy mistress, as well as Stella's mom, also strutt their musclestuff in this episode, which ties everything together.

This chapter contains wonderful comparisons between huge women and short guys, twosomes, threesomes and foursomes, lift & carry scenes, domination and humiliation, big boobs and flexing, strap-ons, aerial blowjobs, worshipping, and much more. It is the perfect ending to this long-running and popular series.

This series is all about realism, characters with depth, tension that builds up, plot and dialogue so believable that you really feel immersed in the story as if you were there...! I've spent a lot of effort on the graphics and storytelling. It's pure, subtle hotness mixed with sweet romance, and a lot of muscle and beauty!

128 pages



Foreign Exchange Student - Part 3 is out now on Amazonias!

This episodes starts with a flashback in which we find Freya - already an athletic girl but much smaller than we last saw her - together with her boyfriend on the night before their goodbye. His attempt to keep her pinned to the bed is... well, reversed.

After we learn where the muscular young woman got her wrestling skills, we turn back to the present day and continue where part 2 left off. Fey and Pete's romantic beach outing is interrupted by Jon, who bought the huge Troy to teach Fey a lesson.

Things, needless to say, do not go as Jon planned and Fey proves to be quite a challenge even for a male musclestud...

After that, we see Fey participate in the Crossfit championships, and we end with a juicy NSFW scene between Fey's host parents. Elisabeth in the meantime has grown quite some muscle and her husband Michael is no longer a match for her...

This episode contains comparisons, lifts (including a wonderfully done overhead one), wrestling, domination, a NSFW scene, crossfit scenes, romance, and much more. Fey is so scorchingly hot and amazingly beautiful that you'll went to crawl right into this comic!

116 pages



Night of the Megazons - Part 2 is out now on Amazonias!

The second and final part of Night of the Megazons continues where we left off: Danny is worshipping the incredibly huge muscles of female bodybuilder Dakota, who he went home with after meeting her in a bar.

After Danny's hands have gone over Dakota's massive biceps, abs and more, we switch again to Dakota's roommate Ruth. We saw her grow from a small girl to a bodybuilder already in chapter 1, but here she'll do a lot more growing!

Aiden and Brian, the two studs that picked a fight with Dakota and also came home with her, watch in amazement as Ruth's big, biceps and all other body parts grow to incredible proportions!

And then Ruth is just beginning.

This second chapter contains incredible comparisons, muscle worship, domination, breathtaking comparisons, rapid female muscle growth, lifts, domination and humiliation, flexing, lift and carry, and is packed with NSFW stuff!

106 pages



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