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My real-life wrestling experiences

Started by ndogg88, 30-Nov-18, 02:32 PM

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Hi, I am a 39yo male from the US.  This is my first time posting here so I figured I would share my only few wrestling experiences I have had in my life.  Unlike many of the people I have seen posting here, I have never done a session or sought out any women specifically for wrestling.  My only experiences have come from past girlfriends or my wife.

My first real scissor experience came from a girl I dated in high school and my first year of college.  She was around 5'2" (157cm) and weighed about 135 pounds (61kg).  She had a "soccer girl" type body with thick legs and a big butt.  She was a bit overweight but carried it well.  She had red hair and pretty large breasts.  The way that wrestling came about in our relationship stemmed from me always commenting on her legs and how strong they were.  She really did not like her legs and thought they were fat.  She would never wear shorts unless she was at home and her skirts were always long.  I liked to play-wrestle and, at first, she did not want to but after a few times she played along and started to enjoy it.  I am a big guy, 6'4" and 230 pounds, so I was much stronger than her but I would let her pin me down and throw me around so that she would enjoy it more. 

Finally, this led to her scissoring me.  We were on the floor in her parent's basement watching TV.  I was lying on my stomach and she was to my side.  Her twin sister was on the couch with her boyfriend.  I don't remember what was said, but I was teasing my girlfriend about something and she did not like me making fun of her in front of her sister.  She started to pounce on my back and I just laid there taunting her that she could not hurt me.  She laid back down on my side and pulled me towards her and snaked her leg under me.  I remember she was wearing light-colored blue-jeans and white socks because I saw her feet lock together and remember watching her legs constrict around my stomach.  Now, I must say this would not have normally hurt me much.  i mentioned I am a big guy and also an athlete and very strong.  Her legs were short and she simply did not have the strength or leverage to hurt me in a bodyscissor.  For some reason though, this time it hurt.  I think it was because she had just the right angle and was squeezing my diaphragm.  I remember the feeling of my breath rushing out of my chest and the pain starting to run up my abdomen.  She was giggling and I think she could tell I was surprised.  Foolishly, I made a joke about how weak she was and then she picked her hips off the floor and squeezed harder.  The pain really started in now and I reached my hand under my body to try to push her legs off.  I was shocked to feel nothing but rock-solid muscle in her thighs.  I reached around to try to pry her legs apart from behind and felt her butt was flexed tight as well.  It felt like she was going to crush my ribs into my spine so I finally told her that I gave up.  The whole thing only lasted a few seconds but it was my first real scissor experience.  It was such a turn-on that I could not get up for the next hour because I had a huge hard-on.  She giggled about it and taunted me a bit.  Her sister and her boyfriend were laughing at me as well.

My next few experiences came with the same girl.  I mentioned that her bodyscissors were not really that strong ever again but her headscissors were brutal.  She would scissor me from behind and I could feel her inner-thigh muscles digging into my neck nearly crushing it.  She was also very good at facesitting me and pinning me down but she would get embarrassed and only do this for a few seconds.  We wrestled probably a total of 6 or 7 times before our relationship ended.  She never knew how truly fascinated I was with wrestling.

The only other experiences I have had wrestling with a woman have been with my wife.  My wife is a short Asian woman with a small body frame.  She is only 5'2" and was pretty thin until she had children.  She is still small, but has a little more body fat.  She was never an athlete, but she does work out at home 3-4 times a week.  Early in our relationship she caught me looking at some wrestling pics and porn on the computer and this really hurt our relationship and any chance of wrestling for fun.  She wanted nothing to do with it after that and it has taken me years to get her to become interested in it at all.  Recently, she has opened up a bit.

About a year ago we took a trip without the kids to help our relationship.  She had planned a big night of sex for us and, to my complete surprise, it involved some wrestling.  She came out wearing a black leather dominatrix outfit which had her breast exposed and she was wearing leather boots that came up to her knees.  She jumped onto the bed and immediately knocked me over and told me she was going to be in charge.  I, of course, did not object.  She proceeded to push me down and mounted me with a facesit.  She pulled aside her underwear and I pleasured her for several minutes until she climaxed.  I then playfully pushed her off and onto her back and she wrapped her legs around my waist.  She is not nearly strong enough to hurt me with her bodyscissor but it was truly sexy to have her squeezing me.  I could hear the leather from the boots creaking as she squeezed tighter.  She kept taunting me saying she could crush me and I played along so she would feel strong.  Her grip was very tight but her legs are just too short for it to really hurt.  She kept repeatedly squeezing me for several minutes and seemed to be really turned on by it.  We then had sex several times and it was honestly one of the best sexual experiences we have ever had.

Since then we have not wrestled again but she brings it up some times.  She  will make comments about how she beat me or comments about her legs crushing me.  I am hoping this leads to another experience soon.

Sorry for the long post!  Hope you enjoy.  I would love to hear about some of your guys' real experiences, especially scissors!

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