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Author Topic: A friend in need  (Read 1281 times)

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A friend in need
« on: 06-Jan-19, 10:04 PM »

Kerri stared intently at Ashley and Danielle as her two naked friends writhed and kissed each other on the sofa in the sunken living room by the fireplace. It was 2 in the morning and they'd been home for 20 minutes after a cab ride from the bar. Danielle had wanted to 'play' with Ashley since they'd met at work and during their night of drinking Kerri promised Danielle to help make it happen tonight.

Kerri's trance was broken by a hot blast of moist air on her bare ass as Ashley's boyfriend David suddenly roused underneath her. Without looking, Kerri quickly reached her right arm back behind her and pulled David's head up by his hair into her ass as she readjusted her bare legs into a tight figure-4 grip around his neck and one shoulder. The hold was one she'd learned in judo years ago and for the past 15 minutes she'd used it to strangle David unconscious for what was now probably the 7th time, although she'd lost count. David was choked until he was out, and then Kerri would relax her leg muscles while maintaining the hold.

Kerri had chosen the 'inverted triangle' to control David for several reasons, the most important being that it allowed her to use her abnormally strong legs on a male who, while not big, was still a guy. Plus, unlike the rear naked choke, it wasn't super obvious what she was doing and she could always explain that she was in the 'throes of passion' when she kept squeezing until well past David went limp. Kerri knew she may have to later justify to Ashley why she continued the panic-inducing pressure with her thighs, despite David's gurgling, squirming, frantic tapping out and muffled pleas for her to let up right until he blacked out. Kerri also knew that, if she was honest with herself, her sadistic, man-hating side was more than just a little aroused with the idea of holding a guy's face so that his nose was buried in her bare ass and repeatedly squeezing him until he passed out, just so his girlfriend could make out with someone new.

Kerri loosened her legs again as David's hand slid off her hip and she resumed watching the girls....