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Unique 'mirrored' screen captures of amateur mixed wrestling, face-sittin & more

Started by sonyaonya, 15-Dec-12, 10:00 PM

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I was 'dicking around' the other day with some of my own personal homemade fetish videos (mixed wrestling, face-sitting/ass worship/smothering, female muscle posing/worship and a few others sprinkled in here in there for good measure as it might be) and while doing so I found a way to create something so different and unique that I'm going to dare to call it 'Art'.  See if you agree ... (then see if I give a rats ass if you don't.)

What you're seeing are screen captures from some of those home videos that were being viewed while using  'mirror' filter.  I've uploaded a 'paste sheet' that features just a few of the 200 or so screen shots that are in a 7-Zip file. 

PASSWORD ...   anarchy][URL=]
Download Url:                         
File name:  FORUM ART.7z
200 screen shots 124MB

'Art is a lie that makes us realize truth.'
Pablo Picasso


Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!


These are indeed unique.  It would be interesting to see the original photo next to the "shopped" one.

Karma for your art.


I've promised all of the individuals that are in the photos that I would be very cautious about posting anything that could/would reveal their identities so posting the originals here for comparison is something I can't/won't do with most of the stuff I have already posted here.  I'll look and see if I can find a couple of frames in a video that that I can post that won't jeopardize my integrity with those in the video.


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