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Philly Femdom updates

Started by MarioDante1322, 29-Mar-19, 05:25 AM

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Hey guys, Dante from Philly Femdom here, I just uploaded an epic new video of Riot knocking my ass out 13 times using; reverse headscissors, straight headscissors, rear naked chokes, sleeperholds, and figure fours!  Some of them she even chokes me well after I pass out, making my eyes roll back and my body convulse!  It's incredibly intense.


Epic new Ava Simone video up! It's very brutal, she even knocks me out 5 times in under 5 minutes.


Epic new video with Sunshine!  Check it out!  Also FYI I update my shop about 2-3 times a week, a couple days apart.


Just uploaded the epic second part to my first Scissorhold Couch Domination shoot with Sunshine!


Epic new video starring the insanely strong Rampage!  Check it out!

"Hi you guys!  Today we're going to demonstrate the rear naked choke!"  Rampage says with a smile right before locking me in. 
"I like to get nice and intimate."  She says as she locks me into the rear naked.  "It's like a tight hug!"  I say, barely able to speak. 
Then she starts pulling back on me and squeezing tighter and tighter.  Before I know it, she's crushing my neck and counting down from 3 to make me go out.  She gets me out, but just barely.  As soon as I'm back up I say "You didn't get me all the way (out)."  "So then shut the fuck up and get back here!  I'm not going easy on you this time!" 
3 seconds later, I'm asleep, limp in her grip, eyes open, tongue almost hanging out, body hacking and heaving as she just keeps squeezing even after I'm limp.  A few more seconds go by and my body starts to convulse, and she pulls me down to the ground and lets me go.  I soon wake up in a panic, and my buddy Riot says "That last step was a doozy!"  "It was a struggle" I say.
"I didn't feel a struggle, I just felt you vibrating and struggling and that's about it!" Rampage says before flexing her arms for the camera and giggling more.

So then she gives me a second and locks me into another rear naked right where I'm sitting, after giving me a little hug from behind first.  Rampage plays with me, tightening and loosening the grip, as Riot periodically lightly kicks me in the nuts.  They laugh and toy with me, and before long I'm tapping out.  But, Rampage ignores my tap outs, and instead squeezes harder.  Seconds later, I'm limp and falling over, Rampage continuing to squeeze me anyway.  Soon enough, she lets up and lets me wake up. 
We take a short break and then Rampage decides to put me into a dangerous reverse headscissor, and she really cuts loose with the power in her massive, muscular thighs.  10 seconds into the reverse headscissor I'm tapping out frantically and she loosens up.  Then 20 seconds into the hold I'm once again tapping out frantically, and she loosens up.  Then, 30 seconds into the hold I'm frantically tapping out again and she just squeezes even harder, and the next few seconds I'm just limp in her grip, until she lets up and lets me snore, eyes fluttering.  "Whoops!"  She says, as if she didn't mean to do that.  Then she flips over and puts me into a straight headscissor, once again crushing my neck.  She toys with me in this position for a little bit while showing off her sexy body for the camera, and keeps squeezing me until she's had her fill with me. 


Epic new #scissorhold #mixedwrestling #submissionhold video starring the incredible @AvaSimone001 !  Watch as this ultra-fit goddess wrestles me into sweet submission via scissors, chicken-wings, boston-crabs and more!

Ava Simone is a 10/10 wrestler, that's for sure!  So to start things off she puts me into a headlock and wrestles me down to the ground, then before I know it I'm getting figure-four'd and put in a chicken wing as Ava is practically sitting on my head, whispering to me to 'tap out'.  I resist though and refuse to tap, so she takes both my arms and start wrenching them backwards while taking me all the way down to the ground, both of us laying down at this point.  I try to wiggle my way out, but then she just starts wrenching my arms so hard she literally lifts me entire body off the ground!  I keep struggling, and what does Ava do? She bites my hand and then smacks my ass!  But then she finally lets me up.  I guess she wanted to take a breather but not give me one, so she instantly sits right on my neck and sandwiches my face between her thighs, and puts her hand over my mouth!  She turns this into a figure four and leans forward, stretching and crushing my neck so hard I can't speak or breathe, and then I finally tap out.  Then she just sits right back on my neck and puts her hand over my mouth again.  Before long she decides to put me into an interesting hold; she puts her feet onto my throat and stands up, putting her weight onto my neck!  She's just staring into my eyes and crouched with her feet on my neck, and before I know it I go out, and when I wake up I'm not sure what's going on to be honest.  Then she sits on my chest and puts her feet right on my face, which I tap out to because I am not trying to have feet on my mouth.  So she flips me over, pushes my face into the ground, and puts me into another brutal chicken wing!  I resist it as hard as I can, but then soon after as punishment she puts me into a boston crab! I tap out quickly in this one because it is brutal!  My back even cracks.  Then she does it again, but this time even harder! I can't even tap out, I just start yelling 'tap tap tap!'  She then sits on my back and pushes my face into the ground again, so I just say 'fuck you' to her and she just laughs at me, and that's where the first part of this clip ends at.  Can't wait to show you all the rest later. 


Hot new Dormida video!

"I want you to struggle!"  Dormida says to me in a reverse headscissor with her feet up against the backboard of the bed.  She toys with me, squeezing harder and harder, as I hold her up.  My arms soon go limp though, as does my whole body, right as I try to tap out.  "Are you tapped out already?"  She says to me, even though I'm not awake to hear it. 

She lets me down and uses her heel to push me down, til I'm laying down on my back.  Then she sticks her heel in my face and demands I lick it.  "I know you hate it, it's wonderful."  She says, as she goes from jamming her heel in my face to jamming her heel into my crotch.  Then she pulls me into her, I'm sitting up and she's straddling me, slapping me repeatedly.  Then she slides around the back of me and puts me into a sleeperhold while calling me an exhibitionist.  She chokes and chokes me while making me call her goddess.  Then she gets up and sits on my shoulders, putting me into a headscissor.  She falls back with me, and at this point we're both laying down and she's scissoring me, slapping me in the face, telling me not to slip away.  Before long she's switching it to a figure four and absolutely crushing my neck.  I can barely breathe at that point.  "You can do it puppy!"  She says as she just keeps squeezing harder and harder, now using her arm to further pull back on her leg wrapped around my neck.  Not long and my eyes roll back and I go limp.  Before I know it I'm waking up and she's telling me my tongue was just hanging out. 


Epic new video starring Sunshine!

The beautiful Sunshine starts this shoot off by pulling me down and into her cleavage.  Then she instantly flips around to the back of me and puts me into an epic rear naked choke.  She falls back and locks me in tight and chokes me with immense power, right away I can't even breathe.  Moments later I'm just waking up in her grip and saying 'woah'.  Mere seconds after I'm awake again, she's pulling me down into a headscissor.  I ask her if she's just going to make me take a nap and she just says 'Yeah, night night.'  She cranks her headscissor so hard I once again can't breathe and her whole body is up off the ground she's cranking my neck so intensely.  My face becomes extremely red extremely quickly.  I start to panic a little and start tapping out, I tap out for a few seconds but she ignores it and just keeps squeezing harder and before I know it I'm waking up now for the second time.  As soon as I'm awake, she's putting me in the reverse headscissor.  "Your head was just right there... I want everyone to see my hot ass."  She takes her sweet time, just locking, squeezing and unlocking her legs around my head, turning me more and more purple.  Repeatedly and repeatedly, until finally she demands I get my neck deep into her grip and she squeezes absurdly hard.  One moment I'm holding myself up, the next my arms go limp and my body just smacks the ground and she lets up on me.  I wake up on my back for the third time now.  As soon as I'm awake yet again she's putting me into another reverse, this time with me totally sitting up.  I don't fully go out on this one, but in a matter of seconds of her intense thigh and ass squeeze I'm fading out hard and I furiously tap out while parts of my body go limp and I fall back.  Then Sunshine gets up and wiggles into a standing backwards headscissor with me, so she's standing up and scissoring me intensely.  You get a great view of her ass and back from this view.  She absolutely crushes my neck from this position.  I try to tap out, but once again I go out in her grip, and she lets up just a little to let me breathe but not fall face first onto the ground.  As I come back, she flips around and does a forwards standing headscissor this time, showing off her epic abs for the camera.  She toys with me and crushes me for a while, until finally I'm tapping out and she ignores it again, this time putting me out really hard.  I tip over and almost make her fall, but she regains her balance and holds me up, eventually letting go of me and grabbing my head and gently lowering me down to the ground while I'm limp until I finally come back. 


New video up starring Goddess Anat!

Goddess Anat is an incredible beauty, and an incredible powerhouse!  This was my very first shoot with Goddess Anat and I told her to show me her sadistic side, show me some of her moves before we wrestle, and she did not disappoint whatsoever.  She was so skilled, and so powerful, she choked me to sleep multiple times and I rarely ever even noticed it happening, and as soon as I'd go limp she'd let up on me and cradle me back to life.  First she loosened me up with some incredibly powerful headscissor action, and then she pulled me in close and locked me into her sleeperhold/rear naked choke where she chokes me all the way out 3 times in a row just toying with me.  Then she goes for the figure four, and puts me out quick in it at first, and then slowly a second time.  Then she proceeds to choke me to sleep in all sorts of ways, including a hanging sleeperhold and a straight headscissor, before finally making me tap multiple times in a bodyscissor before I need to tap out and take a break! 

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