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Started by Oxfighterz, 03-May-19, 07:22 AM

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Welcome to Oxfighterz, your Sexy Female Wrestling and Fetish Fight Website!

Here you will find sexy female wrestling action, mixed fights , ryona submissions and also catfights videos as well as high quality photo galleries.
We can also realize all your custom videos fantasies, competitive fights and wrestling domination.


Here's how tchabadass ends his opponents.

Tchabadass vs Vixen now available here:


Hello everybody

This Friday night, very big update with lots of new videos of your sexy female fighters, new submissions holds and other surprises here's a preview.

Meeting on :

And I remind you that you can subscribe on the site to access the galleries of the shoots and also benefit from a free video every month


The update is online

You can now access incredible Boston Crab, Facesitting and Breastsmothers again here:

NEW !!!! Small clips at a low price with a quote :


A sexy domination match between Tanya and Irina

Available on :


She's sexy,she's tuff and she likes to make girls scream. Tanya vs Vixen domination fight is available at
hard and long ryona submission


This is how Milana and Vixen use their weapons to win



Ruth is currently shooting today for new videos with Vixen Tanya and Milana.


After a day of shooting for new videos or she will be particularly dominant

Milana is now available for any customs request just here :



Ruth dominates Tanya and Milana shortly on


This is how Tanya uses her gorgeous thighs to smother Vixen, available on the next update


4 new clips available today, visit us


Available now at

Vixen takes her revenge this time on Tanya, using her as a SEAT

Mandeelou is in a very bad posture, Mistress Amrita takes her in a control with a figure four leglock and more. Do you think She will tap and submit ???

Tanya was definitely not ready for this and her ankle is break.



2 new girls enter the ring in the next update. This is Wanda and Alexandra.

And here is an extract from a match between Mandeelou and Vixen where Tanya was the special referee of the match.

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