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The Bet With My Wife

Started by dworth, 27-May-19, 03:11 PM

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"There's no way you can do it in under three minutes," I said.

"Fine, let's bet on it," my wife replied with a playful smirk. "If I win, you cook me dinner. Chicken parm. If you win, I'll cook you whatever you want."

"You can't cook," I scoffed.

With her eyes narrowing, and her grin widening, Meagan stepped forward until our faces were inches apart. "You're gonna pay for that," she said softly.

My wife was a few inches shorter than me, but that didn't stop her from intimidating me with her body, especially in her skin-tight short-shorts, and her matching tank top. From across the room, she looked built like a playboy bunny — big boobs and butt, small waist — but when I got this close, I could see the muscle tone, on her arms and legs, and how much thicker they were than mine.

When we started dating, I'd wondered why she went for a skinny, unathletic guy like me instead of some big, jacked guy. Our first night having sex, I told her how self-conscious I was about my soft body in comparison to hers. She lifted me up, pinned me against the wall, and kissed me, and said "I'll be honest with you babe. Your body is why I started dating you. I love having a man I can pick up, and throw around, and play with."

Since then, she'd done quite a bit of exactly that, and she was getting better at it all the time. She'd gotten to know my body better than I did, from her years of toying with it, but I still thought there was no way she could make me come in under three minutes, if I didn't want to.

"Ready when you are," she said.

I hit the start button on the timer and took off running. The key was to get across the living room, and into the bathroom. Then I could lock myself in, and THUD. My thought was cut off by Meagan tackling me hard onto the ground. Not only had she caught me, but she'd also had time to strip down to the nude. God, she was so much faster. 

"Lets get you out of these" she said, yanking my shorts and boxers off in one quick motion.

How the hell had she already gotten this far? I clamped my legs shut, to protect my privates, and covered them with both hands.

"So cute," she said, rolling me over onto my back, prying my hands away, and pinning them down behind my head. I struggled with all my might to push back, but I couldn't budge her decisively stronger arms. She stared down at me, smiling for a second, like she wasn't even in a hurry. Then she leaned down and started kissing my ear lobes. For whatever reason, getting kissed around my ears turned me on faster than anything, and she knew it. And with her mouth that close to my ears she started whispering "What's wrong? Are you stuck? Are you my prisoner? Are you right where you belong? That's right. Struggle for me, boy. You know what it does to me. "

God damnit it. It was like I was a level in a video game she'd played a million times before. She knew exactly what to do and say. I was rock hard in seconds, and without even looking, she knew it. The second it happened, she wheeled around, pinning my face under her naked ass, locking my arms at my sides, with her thighs. She was wet with excitement, and I could smell it, and this only turned me on more. Of course, she knew that too. She dug her elbows into my inner thighs. She knew right where they were the most tender. Again, she knew more about my body than I did, because every time we wrestled, or fucked, not only did she dominate me, but she learned some new thing about HOW to dominate me. It was only a few seconds before I gave, and spread my legs just an inch or so. That was all she needed. She pried my legs apart, put one of her legs in between them, then flipped around, and snaked her legs around mine, before I could do a god damn thing. Now I was in her favorite hold — the grapevine — my legs and arms pinned and spread by her legs and arms. Total body control.

"Wanna just forfeit now" she asked playfully.

"No way."

"I was hoping you'd say that."

She slid herself down on top of me and started gyrating. She knew exactly the speed and force to apply. I felt like I could burst at any second, but with all my concentration, I held it in. Then the muscles of her vagina flexed around my shaft. Even those muscles were toned, and now I was so on the edge that even a slight gust of wind would make me cum.

"You ready for it?" she asked.

"Not gonna happen."

"Oh sweetie, it's over. All I have to do is push the button."

"What button?"

She quickly reached one hand under my ballsack and gently pushed, and that was it. I didn't know I had a button, but she did. I exploded inside her with more force than I ever had. I involuntarily arched my back so high, I lifted us both in the air, and felt my calves cramp under me, but I didn't care. Without even realizing it, I was screaming in ecstasy. My body was completely, and utterly hers in that moment, and it was the best thing I ever felt.

Somewhere far away, I heard the timer go off, but I was too busy panting to notice.

"Oh honey," she said, running a finger, down the side of my face, and I realized she was wiping away a tear. I was crying.

"Shh, shh, shh" she shushed me, and planted a long, gentle kiss on my lips. Then she wrapped her arms around my shoulders and my head, and pulled it into her chest, cushioning it against her breasts. I lay there, completely still, save for the occasional twitch of orgasmic aftershock that ran through my extremities.

After a few minutes, I regrouped enough to say "you win."

We both laughed at the obviousness of my statement. I moved to get up.

"Where are you going," she said, pulling me back down.

"I'm gonna make you dinner, like we said."

"I changed my mind," she said, mounting me again, and sliding me into another grapevine. "I don't want chicken for dinner. I want you," she smiled.

"Dig in," I said.

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