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Author Topic: Warning!!! Scam  (Read 79 times)

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Warning!!! Scam
« on: 30-May-19, 02:09 AM »
Recently i found one interesting site:
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http://clipzadulthd.comWith i lot of goodies in it. But they demand premium account from one strange filehost: daofile.
But fortunately i am not from yesterday and this site looks suspicious to me. It was too good to be true.
That's why i didn't bought daofile monthly premium account, i just boutht few Gb's from one of those multi filehosts sites that offers premium account access.
And as i predicted this site is a scam, fraud.
Insidde of rar files is just a stupid porn from pornhub.
It costs me only couple of bucks and i can use the rest of my bandwidth for the other filehosts that demands premium account. have been warned.