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Author Topic: Unusual hold leading to a submission hold  (Read 825 times)

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Unusual hold leading to a submission hold
« on: 05-Jun-19, 10:06 AM »
I thought this was one of the best maneuvers in a match I've ever seen and then converting it into a quick scissors submission to boot.   This was Susanne's forth or fifth submission and hadn't won a fall yet so it showed in her demeanor that it was getting to her.  Susanne did manage one pin when she fell on top of Lee and sprawled her big body on her.  This match is from a while back of course but it was very exciting to see especially with the female ref who is a beautiful woman also.  I always wonder what Susanne's boyfriend thought seeing her being destroyed by the talented Lee.  I never saw a front full nelson I guess you could call it applied like that before and then flopping her down on the mat and in a flash wrapping those strong legs around the head.  Talk about a surprise.  Susanne had no idea that was happening I'm sure of that.  I'd like to see the sequence that her boyfriend captured from is camera.  Lee is so fast!  I like the skin contrast of an interracial fight also.