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Author Topic: Good use of the whole mat  (Read 703 times)

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Good use of the whole mat
« on: 28-Jun-19, 07:26 AM »
This is one heck of a nice fight with Mystique vs Kyra a very fit blonde girl.  This was a tournament in front of a lot of people both women and men.   Some of the photos seem to appear that Mystique had an easy time of it.  Not so because Mystique had to out maneuver her opponent and with her natural speed she did.  The skin contrast was nice to see and interracial fights are always popular.  Loved the way Mystique used every move and hold in the book and her use of the entire mat.  Mystique is slim, beautiful and strong and makes abundant use of those strong legs with scissors and figure fours to dish out pain.  Kyra was pretty much a mess as the fight went on and at the end forget it.  Lol.