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Author Topic: Showing No Mercy  (Read 850 times)

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Showing No Mercy
« on: 03-Jul-19, 09:59 AM »
Clara and Susanne had two fights this being the first one.  Clara 13 years her junior showed the older woman Susanne no mercy whatsoever in this fight.  Susanne had a private match a year or two later I guess it was and Clara put an exclamation point on that fight also putting her through the mill again.  Susanne being lanky is not easy to maneuver around the mat but Clara is a strong athletic girl having been a swimmer and on the track team in high school so her legs are strong and she uses them well. 
I liked the old vs young scenario and seeing who is the better one.  Experience vs youth.     I'm adding just a couple of photos showing Clara catching Susanne in a very painful scissors and arm bar that she surprised her with.  Amazing hold.