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denver/la/seatle/las vegas /chicago

Started by switchemma, 15-Aug-19, 12:09 PM

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#Berlin 4-6 sept
#antwerp 22 august and the week after
#seattle 18-20 nov (or san diego? )or denver  depending on interest
#LosAngeles 20-22nov
#LasVegas22-24nov /in case i get bookings soon otherwise i might do #Denver instead
reach out soon !
24nov till 10 dec #chicago  or chicago i m only available a few dates within this period /dates r flexible adance booking is needed i only will come to the city on dates booked before 23 nov NO LAST MINUTES city in title
early bookers get discount
full amount advance bookers get extra s
reach out soon now that i can still give or take a city

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