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Re: Help !!

Started by prump2023, 18-Sep-19, 02:20 AM

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Hi Megan,
Got your message - sorry you're having troubles! I wish I was there to actually show you how to do it but I'm sure with this e-mail you'll succeed! It took a lot of trial and error before I had it down. You seem to be setting everything up right - you just need to remember some things:
- You don't need to rush! Robert is slow and weak (even for an 80 year old;), so you will easily be able to overpower him - you just have to be patient
- Give yourself at least 20 minutes to overcome his resistance - I've had him give up in far less time but I had to use a lot of muscle power for that to happen
- As we've spoken about, you don't want to leave any tell-tale marks on Robert or break anything on him, so your tools are strangling, suffocation and squeeze pressure to get him to stop fighting
- Use your legs to squeeze him! It's a bit tricky to get them around his head as, thanks to me ;), he's terrified of getting caught, but once your thighs clamp down on his head you can literally crush his skull hard enough to make him black out. Robert will try to grab your feet or ankles to stop them from crossing but just be quick or grab his arms and he can't block you for long
- Use your weight! Lay on him, sit on him, rest your legs on his head, anything to make him uncomfortable and tired trying to push you off
- Thanks to his false teeth getting 'lost in the mail';), you can literally smother him with any part of your body without worrying about being bitten. I've used my ass, legs, hands, armpit, belly, chest and feet to cover his face for extended periods of time. Robert usually manages to struggle enough to eventually get a bit of air but I have had him pass out under me more than once. Watch for that.
- Make sure no one will be coming home to interrupt you! I once had a seriously awkward conversation with my niece through the (thankfully locked!) door while sitting buck naked on her grandfather's face. Good for me he'd already 'broke' and didn't call for help (or try- hard to talk with your face buried in someone's rear end;)
- Be careful how long you apply chokes or even squeezes. If he hasn't moved at all in 30 seconds it's a safe bet he's 'out'. On the other hand, Robert has tried to fake unconsciousness to get me to stop what I was doing, so don't let go immediately.
-Once he's been 'broken' (stops resisting), that's the time to put on your nylons (if they weren't on already) and pull them up over his head once his face is between your thighs facing up. Seal his nose and mouth with your 'lady parts ;)' so he panics and squirms, and I guarantee you you'll orgasm so hard you'll never go back to regular guys again!
Have fun!xxxx:) - Melissa P

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