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Going inactive for a bit

Started by bobthebuilder904, 01-Dec-19, 10:33 PM

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Not sure where to post this but this seems to be the best spot

Got some work stuff coming up thousands of miles from where I am now in a not so internet friendly location. (I'll let you figure that out lol)

Going to be most likely completely inactive for 3 to 6ish months. If things change i'll pop back in and post as usual but I'm not sure at the moment. 
It's been great sharing with those of you who do, awesome forum, and I'll be back when I can.


All the Best and thanks for Sharing. I am currently in a similar situation.
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3-6 Months turned in 12 months, nature of the beast that is my job. Going to be doing a big dump in my non-HQ threads then getting out of the scene forever most likely (lifestyle changes/growth etc).

This forum has been great and big thanks to those of you who have shared and continue to share to keep this stuff going!


Best of luck with everything  8)


Quote from: Matey on 28-Nov-20, 06:35 PM
Best of luck with everything  8)

I agree, the best of luck buddy - you're always welcome back :-)
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